(Whisper) Sweet Nothings

Latest version1.5.0
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core11
Last updated10 months ago
Created2 years ago
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Systems All systems
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(Whisper) Sweet Nothings - The Powerful Whisper and Chat Module

Use quick keybinds to bring up a rich-text powered whisper and chat dialog!  Built-in reply function to quickly respond to the last person who whispered you, quick filterable chat history, and fully configurable defaults!

As a nice bonus, enable or disable toast notifications and sound effects when you receive a whisper!


By default, the keybinding is ALT-W.  Pressing this will present the Whisper Sweet Nothings dialog box.  There are two modes - Whisper, and Chat.  Whisper is the default, and you can check as many recipients as you want.

As a nice shortcut, you may use ALT-R to reply to the last whisper you have received.  This will automatically select the person who sent the whisper.

Alternatively, you can swap to the Chat mode, which also allows you to set the various chat modes allowed by Foundry.  In Character (IC) and Emote chat modes will also generate the chat bubble above your token's head.  If you are the GM, this will also set the speaker to your selected token.

The angled arrows on the left of the dialog allow you to open/close the whisper history, which will show up to the last week's worth of whispers.  This list will automatically filter  the whisper history based on the selected recipient(s).


Sweet Nothings main configuration is through Foundry's Configure Controls dialog, under the Settings Sidebar.  Sweet Nothings registers it's own category, and you can modify the keybinding shortcut here.

You can also define the defaults for the dialog, either through the normal settings sidebar or using the cog at the top of the Whisper Sweet Nothings dialog.


Sweet Nothings Whisper Dialog Sweet Nothings Chat Dialog Sweet Nothings Configuration Dialog Sample Output
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