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This module adds a new tab named "Notebook" to the right sidebar. Both players and GMs can create small notes here and share them with others.

Basic notes

Basic notes have a title and can be colored for easier recognition. The GM can always see all notes and also delete them. The owner (the user who created the note) may choose who can see and who can edit the note. The notes may be reordered via drag and drop and can be minimized by clicking on the black title bar. The notes can also be expanded into seperate windows by using the popout symbol in the notes title bar. To copy a note, you can shift+right-click the title bar (the copies permissions will be reset).

Certain notes (text, list, chat) can be copied into journals via drag and drop.

Please note:
  • The notes are saved per user. To edit a note you have access to, either the owner of the note or a GM has to be online.
  • The folder structure is per user and is not snyched. Every user can have their own folders for their own purposes
Multiple types of notes are available:
  • Text notes:

    A simple note that allows you to share small texts


  • Counter notes:

    A note to count, well, something. You can add or subtract using the "+" and "-" buttons to the left and to the right. Holding shift or alt will alter the amount changed by using the buttons and holding the buttons will quickly increase or decrease the value. The value can also be set directly by writing into the counter. A maximum can also be set by entering a "/" followed by the maximum into the counter.


  • List notes:

    A note to list some items. The items can be checked/unchecked or removed. The notes can be indented using Tab or shift + Tab and can be reordered using drag and drop. The check state of sub states can be set using right-click.


  • Slider notes:

    A value slider. The value can be set via the slider or via the input to the right. By hovering over the bar at the bottom a menu will open, allowing you to set maximum, minimum and step size of the slider.


  • Chat notes:

    A chat notes allowing all users that can edit the notes to chat with all users that can see the note. The chat colors are based on the user colors.


  • Timer notes:

    A timer that counts even while the user is offline or the server is down. The time (seconds, minutes, hours and days(top left)) can be set directly by entering the values. Using the menu to right, that appears when hovering over the note, the direction in which the timer ticks can be chosen (up or down), the timer can be started or paused, and the timer can be reset to 0 (if the timer ticks up) or reset to the last manually set time (if the timer ticks down).


  • Progress Clock notes:

    A progress clock whose segments can be turned on or off by clicking. Scrolling while holding shift increases or decreases the number of filled segments. The number of total segments can be changed in the menu to right which appears when hovering over the bar at right.


  • Round Counter notes:

    A counter ticking up or down every time a round passes. Both the direction (up, down) and a limit can be set.


  • Macro notes:

    A list of macros that can be executed with left-click. Macros can be added reordered using drag and drop and removed using shift + right-click. Rigth-click can be used to edit macros.




  • Shift quick create: Note type created when creating note while holding shift
  • CTRL quick create: Note type created when creating note while holding CTRL
  • ALT quick create: Note type created when creating note while holding ALT
  • Small note height: Height some note types collapse to when the mouse leaves
  • Large note height: Height some note types expand to when the mouse enters


The module contains an English and a Germantranslation. If you want additional languages to be supported let me know.

If you have suggestions, questions, or requests for additional features please let me know.

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