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Create The Perfect Calendar

Simple Calendar is the ultimate timekeeping module for FoundryVTT that works with all game systems!

It comes prepackaged with many preset calendars to get your world up and running quickly. Or if you have a completely custom-built calendaring system for your world, Simple Calendar can handle that as well!

Get started and create the perfect calendar to enrich your world for your players!

Months your way

  • Your world can have as many months as it needs!.
  • Customize each month to specify everything from how many days it has, its name to if the month is considered intercalary (falls outside normal months) or not.

Custom Years

  • Set the current year or add a prefix/postfix.
  • You can also name each year to give your world a unique touch!

Unique Weekdays

  • You set how many days are in a week and customize the name of each weekday!
  • Customize which days of the week are rest days.

Set Your Own Leap Year Rules

  • Customize if your world has leap years and if so how often they occur.
  • Set how many days a month has during a leap year. You can even have months only appear or disappear during leap years!


  • Determine how many seasons there are in your world.
  • Customize their names, when the season starts, and assign an icon and color to make each season unique.
  • You can also specify Sunrise and Sunset times for each season and Simple Calendar will do the math to gradually shift those times between season!

Create Custom Moons

  • Set up as many moons as your world needs and give it a unique name, cycle length and color.
  • Go deeper into the settings and customize each phase of the moon!

Unique Time? No Problem

  • Customize the number hours in a day, minutes in an hour and seconds in a minute.
  • Configure how the real time clock interacts with your world, so as seconds pass in the real world time passes in your world!

Notes and Events

  • Add notes and events to your calendar so that you never forget an event again.
  • Specify how often notes can repeat, categorize your notes for easy identification and select who can view each note.

And much more!

There are many ways to customize your calendar and how it interacts with FoundryVTT and other systems and modules. Be sure to check out the full documentation to learn all the way!

Different themes that can be applied to Simple Calendar (Dark, Light and Classic)



Simple Calendar has a dedicated site for everything from how to use the module as a player, to configure the module as a game master to how to interact with the API for use with other modules / systems. Check out the links below!



Have questions? Ran into a bug? There are a couple of ways you can get help!

  • The first option is in the official FoundryVTT discord. The friendly folks in #module-discussion and #module-troubleshooting can help with lots of questions.
  • You can also put in an issue on the GitHub for the project and I will help you out!


If you wish to support the development of Simple Calendar there are a few ways you can help:

  • Share your good experiences with the module with others!
  • Leave an endorsement or comment on Foundry Hub.
  • If you wish and are able to you can support the developer monetarily by becoming a Patron or donating on Ko-fi. Simple Calendar will always be free to use by anyone, these are just options for those who want to donate to the development.
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3 years ago

Generalist calendar with a graphical representation players can look at, and keep notes for. No weather generation or announcements or other things I don’t need or want, exactly what I was looking for.

2 years ago

This is without question the best module for keeping track of time. It provides the backbone of time tracking for most other related modules. A very useful module that also let’s you adjust to whatever weird calendar system might be used in your system / setting!

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