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Created11 months ago
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Simple Calendar


A simple calendar module for FoundryVTT that is system independent.


This module allows you to create a calendar with any number of months per year, any number of days per month and customizable hours, minutes and seconds for your game world. It is intended as a way for a GM to show a calendar like interface that maps to their in game world.



Simple Calendar has a number of features that make it a great time keeping tool for your games!


For GMs

  • Complete customization of the calendar to meet your worlds needs:
    • Set the year as well as add any prefix or postfix to the years name.
    • Define how many months in a year.
    • Set a custom name, the number of days and days during a leap year (if applicable) for each month.
    • Choose if months are considered intercalary (fall outside normal months).
    • Set the number hours in a day, minutes in an hour and seconds in a minute.
    • Set up your own Leap Year rules.
    • Set up different seasons for your calendar and how they are displayed to the users.
    • Set up your own custom moons.
    • Or choose from a selection of preset calendars.
  • Set and change the current day and time as your game story progresses or have it automatically advance based on real world time and passing combat rounds.
  • Add notes to specific days on the calendar to remind yourself of events or other world related things.
  • These notes can either be visible to players as well as the GM or just the GM.



For Players

  • Browse a calendar interface to see the years, months and day of the game world.
  • See the current day and time of the game world.
  • Select days to view any notes/events specific to that day.
  • If the GM allows it, the ability to add their own notes to the calendar.



Set Up Instructions:

For the most up to date setup and configuration instructions please check out the project read me file at

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10 months ago

Generalist calendar with a graphical representation players can look at, and keep notes for. No weather generation or announcements or other things I don’t need or want, exactly what I was looking for.

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