Chronicler's Modified Rolls

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Chronicler's Modified Rolls (CMR)

Ever had the wish to change a roll result after the chat message popped up in your chat log? Or just don't want to math in your head when special abilities of the characters have to be added or subtracted to a roll, but the system you're playing with doesn't use them in its calculations?

Well now you can.

CMR adds a context menu (only for the GM) to every message containing a roll result. A simple right click will show a "Modify this roll" option, which will open a dialog where any given number can be given. On application, this modifier will be applied to the chosen roll and also shown in the flavor text and the roll formula.

Fair warning: Some game systems change the way rolls are calculated (Symbaroum for example). Every system that calculates rolls differently will likely not work with this module.

Screenshot examples:

New context menu (only visible for GMs and when the message is a roll):

New context menu option:

The "Modify Roll" Dialog:

The "Modify this roll" dialog

The updated chat message after modification is applied:

In case of questions:

I have to admit that I am not a great JavaScript programmer. If you have questions about the exact way the code works, my help will likely be very much lackluster. I'll do my best to help though. For more information, visit the GitHub page.

Discord: Zorhold#9781

GitHub Repository: Chronicler's Modified Rolls

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