Bullseye NG

Latest version1.2.2
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core10.291
Last updated7 months ago
Created2 years ago
Languages Deutsch (German)
Systems All systems
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Bullseye NG is an add-on module assisting the GM in keeping an overview over which tokens have been targetted by each player. It does that by offering an UI element that displays all players and their targetted tokens in a list.

Bullseye NG is based on version 1.0.3 of the original Bullseye module by Victor Ling and, like the original, is released under the terms of the MIT License (aka "Expat License").

Bullseye NG can be found in the following places:

If you want to help translate Bullseye NG, you can do that on Weblate here, thank you!

How to use Bullseye NG

After installing and enabling the Bullseye NG module in your Foundry VTT installation, the GM can show the Bullseye NG UI element by clicking on the new button in the tools menu, under the tokens submenu.

This will create a free-float UI element that can be positioned at will. It will always show a full list of all players and any tokens the player has targetted. Clicking on a targetted token in the list will select this token within the scene.

The Bullseye NG UI element can be closed and reopened as needed.

Open Bullseye NG No active players

Active players, no targets All player target tokens

The previous method of opening Bulls NG using a right-click on the Foundry VTT anvil logo has been removed.

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