Report on trends or interesting stories related to Foundry that are primarily about or fueled by the users.

Community Spotlight #4: Moulinette is trying to change the game

An Interview with Sven Werlen, aka Dorgendubal, creator of Moulinette. This article is paired with an AMA (Ask Me Anything) at the Foundry Reddit. Questions for Dorgendubal? Find the AMA link *HERE* M...

Community Spotlight #3 – Let’s Talk About Maps with Baileywiki!

Our third edition of Community Spotlight highlights Baileywiki, one of our most popular and prolific mapmakers. Baileywiki is known for high quality maps as well as his use of Foundry modules to enhan...

Developers are People Too

Dear Foundry Community, First of all thanks for all the support you show to the community of volunteer developers which work to make our favorite VTT even better with a host of systems, modules, conte...

Community Spotlight #2 – KaKaRoTo

An interview with KaKaRoTo, creator of The Forge, a Foundry hosting service, as well as many of Foundry's most popular modules.

Recently Migrated from Roll20 – we’ve got you covered

First and foremost – welcome to the Foundry family. It really is a great community! There are many of us that have come from other VTT’s for various reasons. Myself, I recently moved from ...

Official Foundry Hub Recommended Module List

The following 10 Foundry Virtual Tabletop modules are so universally essential that everyone should immediately install them...

Community Spotlight #1 – We Talk Isometric Play with Grape_Juice

Today we sit down for a chat with Grape_Juice, the creator of Grape Juice Isometrics module. He is also responsible for other useful modules like MiniMap and Fantasy Grounds Converter, as well as the ...

Welcome to Foundry Hub!

The day has finally arrived! Today marks the launch of Foundry Hub, your site dedicated to the Foundry VTT community.

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