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Easy Exports

Created 09 Sep 2020

Updated 19 Apr 2021

Author Spetzel

NEW in 0.5!  Full Backup option (and works with re-Import). Easy Exports speeds up exports of your world(s).  Instead of …

Lock View

Created 10 Sep 2020

Updated 21 Jun 2021

Author CDeenen

Lock View is a module that gives the GM control over the zoom and pan capabilities of players, such as …

Walls Have Ears

Created 19 Oct 2020

Updated 05 Jun 2021

Author SebaSOFT

A simple-as-possible module to muffle sounds that are behind a wall for a player. Features Detects sound that are in …

Custom Nameplates

Created 22 Oct 2020

Updated 21 May 2021

Author Erceron

Adds configuration tools for editing the size, font, and color of token, template, and ruler nameplates (which appear beneath them)

Scene Defaults

Created 08 Nov 2020

Updated 28 May 2021

Author iceman76

Scene Defaults lets you change the default settings used when creating a new scene. For instance, you can have new …

Dice So Nice - Weighted Companion Cube Dice Set

Created 10 Nov 2020

Updated 25 May 2021

Author EndlesNights

Adds a set of 3D dice in the style of Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube to Dice-So-Nice. Requires Dice So …

The MAD Cartographer | Free Battlemap Pack

Created 14 Nov 2020

Updated 22 Nov 2020

Author TheMADCartographer

This free map pack from The MAD Cartographer includes 48 scenes with pre-built walls, ambient sounds, dynamic lighting, and journal …


Created 21 Nov 2020

Updated 17 Jun 2021

Author eXaminator

This is a module which integrates, a free worldbuilding and tabletop RPG campaign management tool, with Foundry Virtual Tabletop, …
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Bloody Blueprints and Macabre Maps

Created 05 Jan 2021

Updated 07 Jan 2021

Author Deepdark Designs

Bloody Blueprints & Macabre Maps by DeepDark Designs is a collection of eight spooky and sinister maps that are absolutely perfect …

Monk's Scene Navigation

Created 06 Feb 2021

Updated 25 May 2021

Authors IronMonk, ironmonk88

Monk's Scene Navigation An update to the standard Scene Navigation interface   Instead of expanding across the page, the scenes …

Terrain Ruler

Created 08 Mar 2021

Updated 07 Jun 2021

Author Manuel Vögele

This module makes Foundry's rulers respect difficult terrain that was put down using the Enhanced Terrain Layer module. In addition, …


Created 13 Mar 2021

Updated 18 Jun 2021

Author David Zvekic

Enable moving (rather than cloning) inventory between actors by dragging and dropping. This tool is for GMs who want to …