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Connection Monitor

Created 01 Feb 2022

Updated 26 May 2023

Author Alan Davies

Connection Monitor is a FoundryVTT module that monitors for disconnections and reconnections.  While the game is disconnected, the following UI …

Sticky Rolltable Header

Created 08 Aug 2021

Updated 01 Sep 2022

Author Miah Nelah

Header of rolltable should not scroll with entries! This module fix this behavior. Not tested with versions prior 0.8.8 but …

Sticky Sidebar

Created 18 Aug 2021

Updated 18 Aug 2021

Author Mouse0270

Sticky Sidebar Sticky Sidebar lets you pin up two sidebar tabs to be always visible in the side bar. Need …

More Hooks D&D5e

Created 18 Oct 2021

Updated 02 Jul 2022

Author Andrew Krigline

A library module which adds more Hooks for events in the 5e system.   Adds more hooks to the 5e …

Keyboard Layout

Created 23 Dec 2021

Updated 17 Jul 2022

Author Johannes Loher

Keyboard layout allows users to select their keyboard layout to be used for keybindings. Currently supported keyboard layouts: US (QWERTY) …

Allow Players to Delete Their Tokens

Created 05 Jan 2022

Updated 17 Sep 2022

Author shemetz

Based on Player Token Permissions Extended, but simplified a lot. Lets players delete tokens they have selected by pressing the regular …

Remove Header Text(ヘッダーテキスト非表示)

Created 09 Jan 2022

Updated 15 Jan 2022

Author Brother Sharp, touge

A module made using css provided from touge to remove header icons text from actor sheets. Modを大量に入れた人のための、ヘッダーアイコンのテキストを消すことで渋滞を解消します。

Wrath and Glory Drag Ruler Integration

Created 22 Jan 2022

Updated 05 Mar 2023

Authors Jeffry Hysong, Manuel Vögele, IronMonk

This is a Foundry VTT module for the Wrath and Glory game system that will assist the modules Drag Ruler, …

Custom Tab Title

Created 27 Jan 2022

Updated 29 Jan 2022

Author Tobias Franz

Custom Tab Title A small module that allows you to set a custom tab title for Foundry. After installing, check …

Class Exposure

Created 06 Aug 2021

Updated 05 Jun 2022

Author ZoltanTheDM

A simple Foundry VTT module meant to be inculded in other projects. This to exposes leveling information about dnd 5e …

Midi QOL - Challenge Mode Armor Display

Created 03 Feb 2022

Updated 12 Oct 2022

Author Mouse0270

Version 1.0.2 of Midi QOL - Challenge Mode Armor Display fixes an issue where adding items or changing a value …

Advanced Templates Pf1

Created 14 Mar 2022

Updated 14 Jan 2023

Author David Rickey

Advanced Templates PF1 Advanced template placement options for PF1. Go into any Item where you've got a Cone/Circle template configured …