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Oliver's Dark Heresy 2E Extras

Created 27 Mar 2021

Updated 28 Mar 2021

Author Oliver Marshall

Oliver's Dark Heresy 2 Extras An extention to moo-man's excellent DarkHeresy2E-FoundryVTT. This module only optionally depends on the DH2 System …

More Hooks D&D5e

Created 18 Oct 2021

Updated 07 Nov 2021

Author Andrew Krigline

A library module which adds more Hooks for events in the 5e system.   Adds more hooks to the 5e …

Sticky Sidebar

Created 18 Aug 2021

Updated 18 Aug 2021

Author Mouse0270

Sticky Sidebar Sticky Sidebar lets you pin up two sidebar tabs to be always visible in the side bar. Need …

Sticky Rolltable Header

Created 08 Aug 2021

Updated 14 Sep 2021

Author Daimakaicho

Header of rolltable should not scroll with entries! This module fix this behavior. Not tested with versions prior 0.8.8 but …

Class Exposure

Created 06 Aug 2021

Updated 06 Aug 2021

Author ZoltanTheDM

A simple Foundry VTT module meant to be inculded in other projects. This to exposes leveling information about dnd 5e …

Lib: Document Sheet Registrar

Created 04 Aug 2021

Updated 23 Aug 2021

Authors zeel, Andrew Krigline

A library module which enables the registration of alternative document sheets for all document types that don't normally have this capacity. Why does this exist? Replacing the Journal Sheet is difficult to do in a way which is compatible with …

Feature Name Replacer

Created 15 Jul 2021

Updated 16 Jul 2021

Author Stendarpaval

A system agnostic module for Foundry VTT that replaces user specified keywords in the descriptions of items added to actor …

PF2e tweaks by Ustin

Created 04 Jun 2021

Updated 06 Aug 2021

Author Ustin

PF2e Tweaks by Ustin Module with small changes to FoundryVTT PF2e system. Each tweak can be enabled separately. Minimalistic clock …

Koboldworks – Measurement Info

Created 28 May 2021

Updated 20 Aug 2021

Author MKAh

Displays measurement distances for all players. The dialog fades away by default few seconds after no longer being used. It …

Laptop Form Fix

Created 31 Aug 2020

Updated 22 Nov 2020

Author Will Saunders

v0.0.8 - Removed debug code not meant for release. Removed error messaging related to minimum window sizes because it's annoying. …

Arbron's Context Menu Library

Created 15 Mar 2021

Updated 31 May 2021

Author Jeff 'Arbron' Hitchcock

This library is designed to help module developers expand context menus in parts of Foundry VTT that do not currently …

Your Tokens Visible

Created 03 Mar 2021

Updated 16 Aug 2021

Author David Zvekic

See what you need to see. No more, no less!By using Your Tokens Visible, GM's can enable the following features in …