Your Tokens Visible

Latest version3.1.0
Minimum Core0.7.9
Compatible Core9.249
Last updated3 months ago
Created1 year ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
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See what you need to see. No more, no less!

By using Your Tokens Visible, GM's can enable the following features in their Foundry VTT:


  1. "Push Tokens Back" - Float your cusor over foreground obstructing tokens, press a hot-key and send them to the back of rendering stack. This allows you to access the token you want, even when it's hidden beneath others. 
  2. "Hidden Tokens Can See" - Activate this setting and when the GM turns off visibility for a Token it will no longer lose vision.

  3. "Hidden Tokens Can Emit Light" - Hidden tokens are no longer prevented from emitting light. 

  4. "Tokens Don't Fly" - Currently when the GM moves a token, and its owner has Animated Token Movement enabled, they will see their token fly through walls and reveal the map between the start and destination.  With this feature turned on, tokens that would cross a wall, will not use animated movement, but will simply reappear at their destination without revealing the intermediary map.  Movement that intersects no barriers will use normal Animated Movement preferences.

  5. Control Tools Color Assignment - assign colours to your control tools' status buttons. This can help make their status easier to read.

  6. Configure Auto-pan : Clients can each configure how wide of a margin they want around their tokens before the canvas automatically pans during movement. Each player also controls whether their canvas completely recenters, or scrolls partially as required.  

  7. Enhanced and Super-Raycasting modes - improve the ray casting accuracy calculation used by Foundry to calculate dynamic vision and ambient lighting. This will enable tokens to reliably see the things that they SHOULD be seeing on the map, for instance a light source at the end of a narrow tunnel. (See RayCasting.png) Each player can toggle between modes, or set the default mode they wish to use.  (Not included when using Foundry VTT 0.9 because this feature is no longer needed).

  8. Sight Calculations Cache - boost performance of Foundry (0.7.x) on scenes with many walls, tokens or ambient light sources by preserving certain calculations that the base system repeats many times. (note: on Foundry 0.8.x most redundant calculations have been eliminated so turning this feature on or off makes little difference.)

  9. Combat Tracker Initial Visibility - configure the initial visibility of new combatants based on hostile/neutral/friendly disposition.

  10. Token Movement Animation Speed - Allows GM to set the speed of token movement animation.  Increasing Token Movement Animation Speed makes the canvas feel snappier. Decreasing it makes token movement feel more delilberate and dramatic.

  11. Token MultiVision - A setting to control how a player may have vision from multiple tokens simultaneously.

  12. Blind Tokens Controllable - The GM may not want players to know exactly where their blind or unconscious character is. Standard Foundry Behavior lets players see and control their tokens even with no vision, however by disabling this setting blind tokens will no longer be controlled by players. Players with no vision source to the blind token will not see the token on the map; They will not be able to cycle to it or control it. Players will need to rely on the GM to move their blinded tokens.

  13. Misty Step - pressing Alt while moving a token will cause the token animation to be cancelled for that movement. This is useful for players to move a token, but to temporarily cancel animation as if teleporting. 

  14. Party Vision - A new kind of Token Multivision where a player has vision from their controlled token, plus any Player token with with same Disposition (Friendly/Neutral/Hostile)


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