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Illandril's Hotbar Uses

Created 24 Aug 2020

Updated 20 Sep 2021

Author Joe Spandrusyszyn

Shows the number of uses left for item macros on the Hotbar that are created by dragging an inventory item, …

Workshop's Ammo Swapper

Created 27 Aug 2020

Updated 16 Nov 2020


This module adds HUD allowing to easily swap used ammunition in ranged weapons.  [Supported Systems: DnD 5e, WFRP 4e] [Supported Languages: English] …

Reverse Initiative Order

Created 28 Aug 2020

Updated 01 Sep 2021

Author Wake

RIO does 3 things, each can be disabled in the settings Reverse the combat order to go from low to …

Combat Initiative Modifier

Created 13 Sep 2020

Updated 11 Feb 2021

Author Jan Schoska taM

Extends the combat entries context menu by a set of configurable fixed values to change the initiative with. This allows …

Not Your Turn!

Created 14 Sep 2020

Updated 02 Jun 2021

Author CDeenen

Block token movement if the GM doesn't want it. By default it only blocks movement during combat when it's not …

Quick Encounters

Created 17 Sep 2020

Updated 14 Sep 2021

Author Spetzel

Keep your Scene clean and your encounters simple!  Release Notes: New in 0.8: Better Compendium support; updated Spanish, Japanese; …

Enhanced Movement

Created 01 Oct 2020

Updated 22 Nov 2020

Author Will Saunders

This module aims to track and differentiate the different types of movement a token has during combat in DnD 5e …

Better Target

Created 05 Oct 2020

Updated 22 Aug 2021

Author sPOiDar

The default target indicator can be difficult to see in tight confines, or crowded rooms. This module changes the target …

Bonus Die

Created 03 Nov 2020

Updated 10 Jun 2021

Author HadaIoan

# Bonus Die   Bonus Die is a Foundry VTT module that allows the GM to give players 'Bonus Dice' …

Token Factions

Created 23 Nov 2020

Updated 23 Dec 2020

Author Voldemalort

Artwork and assets kindly provided by and used with permission of Caeora. Faction Tokens   This module will allow …

Material Deck

Created 24 Nov 2020

Updated 07 Sep 2021


This module requires external hardware and an external app. Please read the github (Project Source) page carefully! Material Deck allows …

Advanced Magic - Spell Point System 5e

Created 25 Nov 2020

Updated 28 Aug 2021

Author misthero

Wanna use Spell Points instead of Slot? Get more freedom casting your destructive spells?This module use the optional rules found …