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Custom CSS

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 24 Jul 2023

Authors zeel, Cody Swendrowski

    Allows a user to setup custom CSS rules in a world   What problem does this solve? When adding …

Show Art

Created 18 Jul 2020

Updated 18 Feb 2023

Authors zeel, vgeirnaert

This module adds a button to the token or tile HUD that opens the target actor's artwork, or their token …

Input Expressions

Created 19 Aug 2020

Updated 26 May 2021

Author zeel

Not compatible with pf2e please do not enable this module with that system. Input Expressions This module makes it possible to …

Scene Tiler

Created 30 Jan 2021

Updated 26 Aug 2021

Author zeel

Creates tiles by dragging and dropping a scene onto another scene, then populates the tile with placeables from the source …


Created 03 Apr 2021

Updated 05 May 2024

Authors cswendrowski, zeel

dScryb provides Boxed Text—descriptive text of places, monsters, spells, and other observations—meant to be read aloud by GMs to players. …

Rollable Tokens

Created 13 Jul 2021

Updated 19 Dec 2021

Author zeel

Link a token to a Rollable Table in order to randomize the token image and name, or select the image …

Lib: Document Sheet Registrar

Created 04 Aug 2021

Updated 22 Dec 2021

Authors zeel, Andrew Krigline

A library module which enables the registration of alternative document sheets for all document types that don't normally have this capacity. Why does this exist? Replacing the Journal Sheet is difficult to do in a way which is compatible with …

🦋 Monarch

Created 20 Dec 2021

Updated 27 Feb 2022

Author zeel

A card UI fit for royalty. Monarch is currently in beta. There are some rough edges and incomplete features. Feel …

Point of Interest Teleporter

Created 28 Sep 2020

Updated 25 Sep 2022

Author zeel

  Create map pins that can be used to navigate between scenes. When there is a map note for a …

Pin Fixer

Created 06 Oct 2020

Updated 09 Sep 2022

Author zeel

Modifies the behaviour of map pins so that they do not become too small to see when the map is …


Created 07 Jan 2021

Updated 09 Sep 2022

Authors zeel, The League of Extraodinary FVTT Developers, Marijn Haverbeke

CodeMirror for Foundry VTT This package includes the CodeMirror editor library. A lightweight editor that can be used as a …

Monster Blocks

Created 20 Jul 2020

Updated 11 Oct 2023

Author zeel

Monster Blocks Monster Blocks is an NPC sheet for FoundryVTT designed to faithfully reproduce the appearance of D&D 5e monster …