Monster Blocks

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Monster Blocks

Monster Blocks is an NPC sheet for FoundryVTT designed to faithfully reproduce the appearance of D&D 5e monster statblocks.

Quick Settings are accessed through the cog menu in the upper left corner. This menu gives access to key functions such as toggling certain features, and themes.

Ancient Red Dragon


  • Generate attack descriptions including hit bonus, damage formula, and average damage
  • Generate spellcasting features for regular and innate casters based on their spellbook data
  • Promote the Multiattack action to be displayed first, even if it isn't the first in the actor's list
  • Present a concise view of all relevant game statistics as shown in official 5e books
  • Optionally display an image of the creature for reference
  • Optionally display "secret" blocks of feature descriptions inline rather than in boxes (useful for SRD monsters as they come with descriptions in secret boxes)
  • Automatically sizes the window to fit the content of the statblock, meaning simple creatures automatically take up less space!
  • Show or hide lair actions. Standard statblocks don't really include those, but since you can add them to the actor I made it possible to display them.
  • Settings cog to toggle key features in the upper left corner.
  • Rolls for ability checks, saving throws, skills, features, actions, and spells
  • Open and edit features, spells, and other items by right-clicking their description
  • Drag and drop items from the sheet to elsewhere
  • Set default options in settings, and per-actor settings from the settings cog
  • Support for Quick Insert
  • Support for Better Rolls for 5e if installed.
  • Per-monster theme selection to help differentiate them.
  • Custom theme support (see Theme Customization)
  • Image pop-ups for creature artwork which can be shown to players
  • Manage various features and items
  • Edit skill and save proficiencies
  • Manage or hide rolls for skills and saves that are not proficient

For more information check out the full readme.

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Calego (Elf Friend)
1 year ago

A marvel of engineering, truly amazing work and exceptionally useful for player summons since they already know how to read it.

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