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Advanced Drawing Tools

Created 21 Mar 2022

Updated 03 Feb 2023

Author dev7355608

Various additional line, fill, and text style options. Editing of polygons drawings. Left drag node to move it. Left drag …

Manage Player Targets

Created 06 Dec 2022

Updated 21 Jan 2023

Author dev7355608

This module allows the GM to target tokens for their players. These buttons toggle the target state of all controlled …

GM Vision

Created 09 Mar 2023

Updated 09 Mar 2023

Author dev7355608

This module adds a toggleable mode for GMs that ... increases the brightness of the scene, reveals the fog of …

Perfect Vision

Created 16 Nov 2020

Updated 13 Mar 2023

Author dev7355608

Lighting Drawings and Vision Limitation. Click here to learn more.

Token Magic FX

Created 28 Jun 2020

Updated 15 Sep 2022

Authors SecretFire, sPOiDar, Zimm, Lozalojo, Moerill, KLO, dev7355608, Mestre Digital, BrotherSharper-Touge, OsiJr

              Add visual effects to templates, drawings, tokens and tiles. The special effects can …