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Dishonored Roleplaying Game (Unofficial)

Created 30 Jul 2020

Updated 26 Oct 2022

Authors KaitoR95, Paul Maskelyne

Unofficial replication of the Modiphius 2D20 system with a Dishonored Flavour. Permitted for sharing by Modiphius, the system attempts to …

Robert E. Howard's CONAN: Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of

Created 11 Mar 2021

Updated 17 Sep 2023

Authors Jerome Lavoie, Ian Henry, Paul Maskelyne

Robert E. Howard's Conan (2D20) Commonly refered to as CONAN 2D20, it is a community contributed system for the Foundry …

Shadowdark RPG

Created 24 Mar 2023

Updated 06 Jul 2023

Authors Paul Maskelyne, Bakbakbakbakbak

Shadowdark RPG for Foundry VTT foundryvtt-shadowdark is a community contributed and maintained system for playing the Shadowdark RPG with the …