Robert E. Howard's CONAN: Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of

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Robert E. Howard's CONAN banner with mosaic of Conan inspired elements.

Robert E. Howard's Conan (2D20)

Commonly refered to as CONAN 2D20, it is a community contributed system for the Foundry VTT ( version of the game system. Robert E. Howard's Conan: Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of is based on the 2D20 cinematic system developped by Modiphius Entertainment ( through their kickstarter (

This project has been produced with the express consent of Modiphius.

Installation Instructions

In the setup page of your Foundry VTT installation, when running on your own computer (i.e. self hosted) it should be available at http://localhost:30000/setup.

Go into the Game Systems sections and click on the Install System button at the bottom left.

You can either search for the System under Robert E. Howard's CONAN (2D20) in the list available or directly request an installation from Gitlab at

Support & Bug Reports

@eeyun and I, @Kayhosraven, are available on the Foundry VTT Discord in the #modiphius-2d20 channel to answer your questions.

Another way to contact us is through an email to with the following information:

  1. Screenshot of the issue.
  2. Description of the issue.
  3. What were you doing.
  4. How to replicate the issue.
  5. Version of the following: FoundryVTT, Conan 2D20 System and modules activated.


  1. Doom & Momentum tracking
  2. Character & NPC sheets
  3. Item sheets (Weapons, Armors, Belongings, Spells, etc.) 
  4. Corebook Compendiums of Actions, Belongings, Sorcery & Talents.
  5. Token link to character sheet
  6. No automation yet.

Upcoming Roadmap

  1. Finally reached version 1.0.0. (Minimum viable product)
  2. Stabilization of version 1 & Corebook player compendiums. (Mainly bug fixes)
  3. Support for 0.8.*
  4. Automation and quality of life improvements. (Mainly automation)

Reaching us directly

eeyun and I, Kayhosraven, are available on the Foundry VTT Discord and in our internal CONAN 2D20 for Foundry Discord (

If you're interested in becoming a patron for our developper, you can find his Patreon here:

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