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Compatible Core12
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Shadowdark RPG for Foundry VTT

foundryvtt-shadowdark is a community contributed and maintained system for playing the Shadowdark RPG with the Foundry VTT virtual tabletop software.


  • Classes
    • All base classes from Quickstart guides, plus the Ranger and Bard classes are available
    • Rolltables for rolling talents
    • Automatic amount of damage dice for Thiefs backstab talent (may be augmented by supplied bonus die talent)
  • Items
    • All items from the Quickstart guides are available in item compendiums
    • Lightsource items automatically sets the light settings for your tokens so you don't have to
    • Tracking of ammunition is available from the inventory screen of your character
    • Selling of gems is easy with the gem bag interface, which also tracks your different gems and how many slots they take up
    • Automatic tracking of gear slots, including augmentations from talents
  • Localization
    • We currently have either full or partial support for French, German, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish & Korean translations.  Translation volunteers are more than welcome to contact the team to add additional languages.
  • Lightsource Tracker
    • Interface only available for GMs
      • GMs can track the remaining burn time of lightsources, see system options
      • GMs have to ability to douse individual lightsources, or douse them all at once
    • Individual tracking per player and item
    • Tracks associated actors per player. A Player character must be claimed by a user to enable tracking
    • Ability to drop light sources from Player inventory and continue to be monitored as a movable token
  • Macros
    • Macros for drawing traps, hazards, random ruin encounters, rumors, what is happening, random magic item names, and adventure site names available from the Game Master guide
    • Macros for The Lost Citadel available: random beastman NPC, random ettercap NPC, random encounter check
  • Monster
    • Compendium full of monsters from the Quickstart Guide, including the Lost Citadel of the Scarlet Minotaur
    • (Note: Complex attack patterns are not implemented, such as the combinations of AND & OR and multiples of attacks)
  • Quickstarter Guides
    • Both the Player Guide and the Gamemaster Guide from the Quickstart are available as journals
    • Compendium containing the content available for: Items, Talents, Spells, Monster, Rollable tables, Pregenerated Characters, and the Lost Citadel of the Scarlet Minotaur
  • Sheets
    • Fully featured sheets for:
      • Players
        • Automatic calculations for HP (augmented by talents), AC (based on equipped armor), ability modifiers
        • Attacks summarized on the Abilities sheet based on equipped weapon
        • Tracker for Luck token
        • Tabs to easily access different aspects of the character
      • NPCs
      • Items
        • Including Gem Bag
  • Talents
    • All ancestry & class talents, including talent rolltables, are available from the Quickstart guides
    • Active effects on talents modify the data of the actor, automating the setup
    • Talents pre-defined for:
      • Advantage on Initiative, HP rolls, Spell casting with certain spells
        • Advantage button colored green when advantage from talents, as suggestion on the roll dialog
      • Ability score modifications
      • Weapon Mastery
        • Uses either the weapon name, or the base weapon as selected per item basis
      • Additional damage dice during Backstab
    • Custom talents can be defined
    • (Note: Foundry limitations doesn't allow changing talents on the actors, so they need to be imported and changed before being dragged to the actor in some cases)
  • The Lost Citadel of the Scarlet Minotaur Adventure
    • The intro adventure in the Quickstart guide is available as an Adventure Import using the built-in compendium
  • Pregen Player characters
    • The pregen characters from the Quickstart Guide are all available in the built-in compendium
  • Spells
    • Spells from the Quickstart guide are all available
    • Automatically checks for failure and success during spell checks. Spells are lost on failure
    • Indication of critical failure & success with indications of what to do
  • Weapons
    • All weapons from the Quickstart Guide implemented and available through the compendiums
    • Automatic weapon mastery calculations based on either weapon name or selected base weapon (for named weapons)

Community Contributions

Code and content contributions are welcome. Please feel free to submit issues to the issue tracker or submit merge requests for code changes.

Details for how to get started hacking on the system can be found in the Wiki


foundryvtt-shadowdark is an independent product published under the Shadowdark RPG Third-Party License and is not affiliated with The Arcane Library, LLC. Shadowdark RPG © 2023 The Arcane Library, LLC.

The Arcane Library logo and Quickstart images included within foundryvtt-shadowdark are used with the kind permission of Kelsey Dionne and Arcane Library.

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