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Forien's Unidentified Items

Created 25 Jun 2020

Updated 21 Sep 2022

Authors Forien, Matheus Clemente, p4535992

This module aims to provide system agnostic solution to handle unidentified items and their identification. [Module Showcase Video] [Supported Systems: all] …

Ficha de Loot T20

Created 02 Feb 2021

Updated 05 Jun 2022

Author Matheus Clemente

Este módulo adiciona uma ficha de NPC que pode ser usada como baú de tesouros ou loja.

Initiative Double Click

Created 22 May 2021

Updated 16 Aug 2022

Authors Matheus Clemente, KaKaRoTo

A tiny module to allow double clicking the initiative value in the combat tracker to quickly modify it.  


Created 14 Jul 2021

Updated 22 Jan 2023

Author Matheus Clemente

A simple module that changes the D&D 5e system to accomodate Pugmire games.

Easy Polls

Created 01 Feb 2022

Updated 20 Jan 2023

Author Matheus Clemente

This module provides ability to create simple polls via Chat Log. Usage To create a poll, use the  P shortcut …

About Face

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 03 Jan 2023

Authors Matheus Clemente, Eadorin, Edzillion

A module that changes a token's direction based on movement. It also provides optional "facing" indicators for tokens. Automatically rotates …

Party Overview

Created 25 Dec 2020

Updated 20 Jan 2023

Authors Matheus Clemente, Sebastian Will, Chris Wachal

A quick overview about the players that have tokens placed on the currently active scene. Supported systems 13th Age, Blades …


Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 20 Dec 2022

Authors Matheus Clemente, KaKaRoTo, elizeuangelo

Talk to others using a language you can speak and it scrambles text you can't understand into several fantasy scripts. …