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Dark Heresy 2E

Created 31 Oct 2020

Updated 23 Dec 2021

Authors JeansenVaars, Moo Man, fredthedeadhead, Perfectro, Vendare, Silver292

An UNOFFICIAL system for playing Dark Heresy 2E on Foundry VTT.It provides support for character sheets only, game content should be drawn from …

Journal Scaler

Created 03 Jan 2021

Updated 10 Jan 2022

Authors jegasus, JeansenVaars

Journal Scaler A FoundryVTT module that enables you to change the font sizes inside journal windows using ctrl+mouseWheelUp and ctrl+mouseWheelDown. …

Super Select

Created 14 Apr 2021

Updated 09 Dec 2021

Author JeansenVaars

Adds a control toggle that allows working with tokens, tiles and drawings at the same time. Notes * There is …

Scene Preview

Created 21 May 2021

Updated 17 Jan 2022

Author JeansenVaars

Shows the GM a preview image of the scene, on moving the mouse over the scene navigation scenes. This was …

Mythic GME Tools

Created 04 Nov 2021

Updated 29 Jul 2022

Authors JeansenVaars, Tana Pigeon

Mythic GME Tools for FoundryVTT Mythic GME Tools provides everything needed for playing Mythic GM Emulator with any RPG System …

Actor Link Indicator

Created 25 Nov 2021

Updated 08 Jan 2022

Author JeansenVaars

Stop forgetting to link/unlink tokens from actors! Adds an easy to observe, toggle indicator in sheet titles to quickly switch …

Terrain Randomizer

Created 27 Nov 2021

Updated 13 Jan 2022

Authors JeansenVaars, José Manuel Navarro

Set of macros for playing with The Terrain Randomizer in FoundryVTT. The Terrain Randomizer is a booklet that offers a …

Sidebar, Chat and Windows Resizer

Created 22 Dec 2021

Updated 28 Jan 2022

Authors JeansenVaars, Vance Cole

Resize the sidebar horizontally Resize the chat text area vertically Resize any sidebar floating windows (Combat Tracker, Playlist, etc.) Enable …

Excalidraw Journals and Actors

Created 04 Jun 2022

Updated 12 Jun 2022

Author JeansenVaars

Excalidraw is a free and open source collaborative virtual whiteboard for sketching and diagrams. With this, you can brainstorm together …