Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition

Latest version7.2.1
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Compatible Core11
Last updated5 days ago
Created3 years ago
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The premiere system for running grim and perilious games of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition in the Foundry VTT environment. This system is officially approved by Cubicle 7, and I've worked in collaboration with them to provide various modules that can provide a completely integrated WFRP4e experience within Foundry Virtual Tabletop. See below for more details.

Created by Moo Man and CatoThe1stElder

If you're new to the system, make sure to browse the small Wiki we've created that document some of the hidden features - also a listing of macros!

Additionally, check out the various videos I've created detailing the project and its features over the different versions.

Alpha (Character sheet)

Beta (NPC/Creature sheet)

1.0 (Opposed tests & everything else)

Official Modules (Details what comes with the official modules)

Notable Features

  • Opposed Test and Damage calculation that takes into account Size, weapons, armor (qualities and flaws), and talents

  • Complete test result evaluation (everything from miscasting, ingredients, wrath of the gods, blackpowder misfires, overcasts)

  • Character generation capabilities

  • Random NPC generation tools that utilize career and race to generate NPC stat blocks

  • Inventory management with complete support for drag and dropping items into containers, calculating total encumbrance.

  • No need to calculate advancement costs, just click on a button to advance a characteristic/skill/talent and it automatically deducts exp

  • A plethora of optional rules, such as Fast SL and Tests Above 100%

  • Ability to edit and recalculate test results - because we all know how many modifiers we forget in 4e!

  • Easy monetary commands, post payment/reward requests and availability rolls, which can be clicked to automatically roll or deduct money

  • 3 different sheets to provide customized control based on actor type, character, NPC, or creature.

Official Modules

Complete your Warhammer experience with the official modules published by Cubicle 7

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3 years ago

This is a great system, and the Foundry version is a job well done. Now with full publisher support it can only get better.

3 years ago

What a great system ! It is simply the best VTT system for Warhammer Fantasy Rolepalay.

Moo Man
3 years ago

Thanks everyone for the kind words! 😀

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