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Created3 years ago
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Utility module with tweaks, enhancements and macros to help GMs with game management when running Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (4e) sessions. 


See the documentation for details about features, including (but not only):

  • Automating individual and group Advantage
  • Sending Dark Whispers
  • Setting token vision and light (including handling Night Vision range correctly)
  • Rolling secret group skill tests
  • Dealing out non-combat damage to multiple actors and vehicles
  • Managing session turnover admin (including adding Experience Points and resetting Fortune)
  • Extending the Token Hud (to access key attributes and skills without opening the character sheet)


More Info: Changelog | Issue Backlog | Wiki



Token Hud Extension

  • Add Movement and Initiative to Token Hud, including tooltips for modes and Initiative/Agility values.
  • Add Fortune, Resolve, and Corruption to Token Hud, including tooltips for Fate, Resilience and Sin values.
  • Roll skills, characteristics and tables directly from tokens, including Dodge, Initiative and mutations. See wiki for full details. 
  • Increase and reduce Fortune, Resolve, Corruption and Sin directly from tokens. See wiki for full details. 


Advantage Automation

  • Reset Advantage for all tokens as the join or leave a combat.
  • Only add or reduce Advantage if in a combat.
  • Update Advantage automatically when applying damage, outmanoeuvring, or suffering condition.
  • Reduce Advantage easily for combatants that lose momentum each round.
  • Compatible with individual and group advantage.


Group Tests

  • Quickly setup and run group skill tests.
  • Choose to make them public or secret, revealing results only when needed.
  • Test any combination of party members and NPC characters (including hirelings and creatures).
  • Optionally fallback to base characteristics if creatures don't have the target skill.
  • Save default test parameters for easy re-use. 
  • Get a private chat message to summarise the results in a single place. 


Damage Console

  • Quickly set and apply damage to one or more actors without starting a combat, opposed or other test.
  • Access from the Launch Damage Console macro or the GM Toolbox.
  • Target tokens before launching to change the pre-selected characters.
  • Set damage as a roll formula or fixed amount.
  • Optionally randomise damage and hit location for each target.
  • Choose whether to ignore Armour Points and/or Toughness Bonus, and whether to apply a minimum of 1 damage.


Session Turnover

  • Add Experience Points to all party members, logging an optional award reason which can include the session reference and date. 
  • Reset Fortune for all player characters.
  • Pause the game.
  • Automatically switch to a campaign landing scene and pause the game. 


Toolkit Maintenenance

  • Easily re-import latest compendium version of macros and tables into the world. 


Macros and Tables

  • Available in-game from Settings> Module > GM Toolkit > Update Toolkit Content
  • Imported macros become available in your Macro Directory, from where they can be dragged onto your Macro Hotbar.
  • Imported tables become available in your RollTable sidebar.


Add/Reduce/Clear Advantage

  • Three separate macros to add or remove 1 Advantage from the selected actor, or to reset their advantage.


Add XP

  • Adds a configurable amount of XP to targeted tokens, confirming change and new levels in chat message.
  • Log the XP with a dynamic session reference to keep track of progress chronology.


Session Turnover

  • Single convenience macro to run Reset Fortune and Add XP together when wrapping up a session.
  • Choose a campaign landing scene to automatically switch to between sessions. 
  • Also pauses the game to preserve PC locations.


GM Toolbox

  • Easily customised console to launch commonly used Toolkit or other macros.
  • Can be minimised on screen, while also freeing up Hotbar slots. 


Make Secret Group Tests

  • Template macro for GMs to make skill tests for the characters, silently or interactively.
  • Launch the Set up Group Test application or bypass set up for single-click operation.
  • Can be configured for different challenges, such as Perception, Stealth, Gossip, Prayer or other skill tests.
  • Default options can be defined for silent tests. Interactive tests use the system roll dialog to give full control over talent bonus selection. advantage and other modifiers. 


Damage Console

  • Launch the Damage Console. 


Pull Everyone to Scene

  • Yanks every player into the scene that the GM is on.
  • Optionally activate the scene.


Reset Fortune

  • Reset Fortune for the targeted character to their Fate level, accounting for Luck talent advanced.


Send Dark Whispers

  • Target one or more player characters who have at least 1 Corruption with an offer from the Dark Gods. This supports the game feature described on page 183 of the WFRP 4e rulebook - basically to let something dodgy happen to reduce their Corruption by 1.
  • Players can accept or reject the offer from the private chat message they are sent.
  • A template table is provided for random Dark Whisper inspiration. This is used by the macro, but can be directly accessed via chat command `/table darkwhispers`


Set Token Vision and Light

  • Opens a dialog for quickly changing vision and lighting parameters of the selected token(s).
  • Night Vision applies range enhancements. Blinded condition and Dark Vision trait are supported.
  • Light sources range from candles through Storm Lantern, as well as Petty Magic, Witchlight, Glowing Skin and Ablaze condition


Simply d100

  • Sometimes you just need a quick d100 roll. Nothing else, nothing fancy.


Toggle Scene Vision and Light

  • Toggle Token Vision and Global Illumination on the current viewed scene.


Toggle Compendium Pack Visibility

  • Hide or show compendium packs.
  • Use to prevent players from accessing spoiler content in premium content packs or adventure modules from the Compendium sidebar. 
  • Choose to toggle (or force hide) from specific or all wfrp4e compendium packs, and/or of specific document types only (such as Actors and Journals).


Sample lighting effects




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2 years ago

Great module and super useful as GM. If you are running WFRP you want this.

2 years ago

Really useful tool to have as a GM. The option to easily “Set token vision and Light” is amazing let alone all the other useful stuff.

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