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Tome of Heroes

Latest version11.1.0
Minimum Core11
Compatible Core11
Last updated3 weeks ago
Created1 year ago
Systems Dnd5e
Dependencies Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition
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Tome of Heroes Cover
Tome of Heroes Cover

The essential expansion for every 5th Edition game!

Tome of Heroes contains a variety of options to create unique characters:

  • Over 70 new subclasses, including the Circle of Bees, Way of the Unerring Arrow, Path of Hellfire, School of Black Powder, and Pugilist
  • More than 20 new races and subraces, from deer-like alseid to mechanical gearforged to aquatic gnomes and arctic elves
  • Over a dozen new backgrounds, including diplomat, freebooter, gamekeeper, and innkeeper
  • A shop’s worth of equipment, such as firearms, chakrams, glidecloaks, and bombs, plus mounts and clockwork companions
  • New ways of using magic, from manipulating magical plants to drawing draconic runes
  • Over 50 new spells, including fuse armor, conjure fireflies, and steam gout

Plus new optional rules for downtime activities, for creating a party with a group theme, and for using weapons to affect combat in ways other than dealing damage.

This Kobold Press conversion for FoundryVTT includes. . .

  • A setting agnostic 5e module that contains a variety of options for your players to create amazing characters
  • The complete book is available as a journal with individual items interlinked throughout for easy reference
  • Fully functional classes and subclass that players can be drag and drop into their character sheets
  • Subclass features and spells that automatically install when the character levels thanks to the DnD5e v1.6 game system (required)
  • All items detailed in the book, such as Clockwork Creations, Backgrounds, Feats, Draconic Runes, etc., are available as individual items that can be dragged and dropped into your player's character sheets.
  • Many feature items use active effects where appropriate to automatically enable features in a player's character sheet.
  • Beautiful artwork is available throughout the module to delight your players
  • While not required, it is recommended that you utilize the following modules: Dynamic Active Effects and Midi Quality of Life Improvements.
  • Important: v1.10.0+ of this module is compatible for those using FoundryVTT v10. Previous versions of this module will continue to work in v9.

Create heroes of legend that are ready to take their places in song and saga!

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