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A series of automations and quality of life improvements to use with SWADE system.

Automation on Combat

  • Detect targets in combat, show hit/raise, damage and soak rolls. All calculations automatically, just click to apply/roll.
  • Automatic Situational modifiers for targets: Distance, Gang Up, Ranged in Melee, Scale etc. It's shown hidden by default, always if you want.
  • Auto Remove/Roll Status during combat, no need to check or confirm
  • Min Str affects damage dice (for Strength) and also trait rolls based on armor equipped or ranged weapon. Edges like Soldier are detected automatically.
  • Conviction support: At the end of conviction, you are asked if you want to spend a benny to keep it active for another round.
  • Auto detect egdes/abilities for bonus on rolls based on their names (support to some settings, allow to change names).
  • Suport for Cover through items.
  • Out of control will roll the table automatically for vehicle combat
  • Suport for setting rules based on the swade system config
  • GM benny will be used from directly from NPC if they have it, or from GM pool. Automatically!

Automations to spare the GM

  • Auto Update Max Wounds based on Wildcard/Extra and Size
  • Automatically link (and unlink) tokens if the actor is wildcard (or not)
  • Auto Update Token width/height based on Size.
  • PCs are friendly, NPCs are hostile by default

User Friendly for beginners

  • Simpler rolls: by default, a simple dialog box with modifier when rolling Attributes and Skills. Same principle is applied to weapons and powers: a dialog box instead of sending to chat. The only player seeing it is the player using it.
  • More visible icons for status, wound and fatigue
  • Clean and simple roll in the chat. With tiny button to rerrol with benny or free reroll. For the GM, extra buttons to add modifier (after roll), re-targeting or calculate raises.
  • Template buttons for powers directly, with just one click
  • Asks when a weapon/power don't have a defined trait and redefine it for the roll
  • Visible Critical Failure in the chat


  • Easier Boost/Lower Trait
  • Mark all PCs as Friendly and NPCs as Hostile. For those who haven't been using SWADE Tools.
  • Attack macro to simplify for the GM
  • Roll once for all selected, using the same trait

Add More Things (if you want)

  • Suport for Called Shots
  • Quick select Aditional Modifiers: Multi-Actions, Cover, Illumination

View screenshots and more information in the project page:

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