Foundry Stream Module

Latest version0.3.0
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core9
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Last updated2 years ago
Created3 years ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
Dependencies Chat Commander
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Foundry Stream Module integrates Twitch chat with Foundry Virtual Tabletop


A module for integrating Twitch chat from streams into Foundry Virtual Tabletop. Foundry Stream Module sends player chats, rolls, interactions to the Twitch stream chat and allows viewers in the Twitch chat to send messages to the players as an out of character message. GM's or another configurable user role can also moderate the Twitch chat via canvas control buttons for actions such as Clear, Timeout, Ban, Slow and Raid. Currently I'm starting to build a list of current streamers who are using the mod, if you would like your stream added to the list, drop a message to me over at my Discord - you can also find me through The Foundry discord server as well.


Release 0.2.7

  • Added user requested feature for a chat command. When enabled, only messages using /t will go to Twitch and, along with OOC messages, will appear in the Twitch tab. All other messages will not be sent and remain in the Foundry tab. This may become the default standard going forward with FSM for 0.8.x but I plan to listen to user opinions.
  • Removed the IC to OOC chat configuration from the config panel.
  •  Updated localization to reflect above changes.
  • The above addition now requires the Library: Chat Commands module.


Release 0.2.6

  • Added user requested output to dice roll requests. Roll request now outputs the forumula + rolltotal to Twitch after a request has been rolled. Ie 'Julia rolls 1d20 = [19] Thank you for the roll!'

  • Updated localization file to reflect above change.

  • Updated default configuration for above.


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