Stairways (Teleporter)

Latest version0.10.2
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core9.269
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Created2 years ago
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Stairways (Teleporter)

Stairways is a module to easily create and maintain stairways which can teleport tokens between two stairways.

From a player perspective these look similar to doors but will teleport on a click instead of open/close:


For a GM they work similar to light/sound sources:

  • They can be created by simple clicking on the map.
  • They can be moved with click and drag.
  • They snap to half-grid, except when shift is pressed.
  • They can be deleted when highlighted by pressing the delete key.
  • They can be copied and pasted (ctrl+c / ctrl+v).
  • They have a configuration sheet that can be opened by double-click.
  • Connection of stairways is shown by a line between them.


They use a name to pair with another stairway. These names are automatically generated when created by a click, but can be manually changed in the configuration sheet:

stairway-main-configuration stairway-label-configuration


They are similar to light/sound sources and should have the same functionality.

If something isn't setup correct they will show a colored border indicating the problem, you can open the configuration sheet with double click for a detailed message or look up the colors below.

Player View

Players + GM:

  • Left click: Teleport (works without Token for GM)


  • Right click: Disable stairway for players (lock)
  • Alt + right click: Hide stairway from

Create new stairway pair

Within Scene:

  1. Create first stairway by a click (should now be highlighted as connection target)
  2. Create second stairway by a click (should show a connection line)

Between Scenes

  1. Create first stairway by a click (should now be highlighted as connection target)
  2. Switch to target scene
  3. Create second stairway by a click (should now have a blue background for multi-scene)
    • This will automatically update the first stairways target scene

Connect existing stairways

Note: If you have more than one unconnected stairway you probably want delete them.

  1. Make sure the stairway you want to connect to is the connection target (highlighted)
    • If no stairway is the connection target (highlighted) you can choose one by hovering them
    • If another stairway is the connection target (highlighted) you need to delete it first
  2. Create second stairway by a click (either within scene or on another scene)

Follow Stairway (GM View)

You can follow a stairway by right click. This will switch the scene (if necessary) and then pan to the target stairway (if available).


You can change the icon of each stairway in the configuration sheet (double click). Choose between a set of preselected foundry icons (click to select) or choose a custom icon with the image browser.


Status Colors




If you want to support the development of my modules you can donate using the button above. Thanks for your support! :)


FoundryVTT Arms Reach

Since v0.5.3 the usage range of stairways can be limited to nearby tokens with FoundryVTT Arms Reach (v1.0.11).

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1 year ago

On .8.6, and this module causes my maps not to load, I just get a black screen.

1 year ago

With Multi Level Tokens not having been upgraded for v9, I was looking for an alternative way to teleport tokens around. This module fills this gap very well, and even does it better than MLT, in my opinion.
It doesn’t cover all of the functionality provided by MLT (no token cloning, just teleporting), but the functionality that it does provide is just perfect, imo.

Thanks for developing and maintaining this!

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