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Systems Dnd5e
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A Foundry VTT module that calculates cover for DnD 5e.

Cover Calculator
  • When a user with a selected token targets another token with the designated hotkey held, the target's cover will be calculated following the rules presented in DMG pg. 251.
  • A message in chat will be posted concerning the target's cover in relation to the selected token(s).
  • Prioritizes walls, tiles, and then tokens.
    • Walls, tiles, and tokens have a new option in their configuration dialog that sets the cover granted by them.
    • Two tiles are included from that are configured automatically for half and three-quarters cover in modules/simbuls-cover-calculator/assets/cover-tiles.
  •  Has two modes for cover in relation to walls: Center Point and Four Corner. Cover from tiles and tokens are (currently) only calculated from Center Point.
    • Center Point - a target token's cover is based on foundry's player vision rendering (center point of self to 4 corners of target)
    • Four Corner - direct implementation of DMG rules, where vision is computed from each occupied grid point and the corner granting the target the least cover is chosen.
Cover Application
  • Manual setting adds chat buttons to click to cycle between different cover effects.
  • Automatic will automatically apply the relevant effect but still generate the chat message for manual adjustment.
  • This cover bonus is applied onto the _attacker_ not the target and is a -2,-5,-40 penalty for any attack rolls.
  • The cover bonus to Dexerity saves are not handled.
  • A special trait has been added to indicate if the actor should ignore certain levels of cover (e.g. Sharpshooter, Spell Sniper, Wand of the Warmage)
  • Alternatively, a flag of `"dnd5e", "helpersIgnoreCover"` will flag the token as ignoring cover, for use with Spell Sniper or Sharpshooter ( will also remove melee cover effects ). Said flags accepts values of 0, 1, 2 or 3 which allows the actor to ignore no, half, three-quarters or full cover respectively. To ensure legacy compatibility values of true are also accepted but identical in functionality to a value of 2.
  • Cover penalties can be optionally removed at the end of the token's turn.
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