Scenery - Background Image Variation Manager

Latest version1.1.2
Minimum Core0.6.0
Compatible Core0.7.5
Last updated4 months ago
Created2 years ago
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A FoundryVTT module that allows easy import and background image changes for variations such as GM/Player, Night, Seasonal, etc.


  • Assign variations to be easily switched between
  • Choose a different background to be shown to Players and GM
  • Automatically find and import variations

How to setup variations

When scanning for variations, scenery works as follows:

  • Based on the default image of the scene (set in core scene configuration)
  • Will only look for variation images in the same directory
  • Variation file names must contain the base file name of the default image, minus the extension
  • Variation names will have special characters removed and any dashes or underscores converted to spaces


For example, if your default map is `maps/forest-camp/Forest-Camp.jpg`, Scenery will find the following:

  • maps/forest-camp/Forest-Camp-GM.jpg
  • maps/forest-camp/Forest-Camp2.jpg
  • maps/forest-camp/2.Forest-Camp.jpg
  • maps/forest-camp/Forest-Camp-alt.png
  • maps/forest-camp/Night-Forest-Camp.webp


Scenery will not consider the following examples to be variations of `maps/forest-camp/Forest-Camp.jpg`:

  • maps/some-other-dir/Forest-Camp-GM.jpg (is not in same directory)
  • maps/forest-camp/night.jpg (does not contain base name)
  • maps/forest-camp/forestcamp-night.jpg (Base name has no exact match in variation name)


Example how to set up your directory:


Method 1:

Start Foundry and head to the Add-on Modules tab.
Click Install Module.
Search for "Scenery". 
Click the Install button when it comes up.

Method 2:

Start Foundry and head to the Add-on Modules tab.
Click Install Module.
Paste the following link into the "Manifest URL" field at the bottom:
Click Install.

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MN Blockhead
5 months ago

Not working with v10 of Foundry. When I right click on a scene, Scenery appears as an option in the popup menu, but when I click on it, nothing happens. I cannot pull up the scenery dialog box for any scene.

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