Playlist Enhancer

Latest version1.1.6
Minimum Core0.9.0
Compatible Core0.9.14
Last updated2 years ago
Created2 years ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
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Playlist Enhancer - A Foundry VTT Module


Playlist Enhancer allows you to create playlists from the current playing sounds. Curate your sounds and atmosphere and click the "Curate" button to create a playlist containing those sounds and their properties. Also adds support for drag & dropping copies of songs between playlists to make sound management a breeze.


Create new playlists from playing songs


Create your atmosphere by playing songs & editing sound levels.

Click the "Curate" button to create a new playlist with these sounds or add the sounds to an existing playlist.


Drag & Drop sounds between playlists

Move or copy sounds between playlists using drag & drop (Move/Copy can be changed in moodule settings)


Applicable settings

Enable or disable copy of sounds between playlists (Disabling changes the behavior to "move")


Highlighting of playing sounds

Playlists and folders containing playing/paused sounds are highlighted in the playlist menu for improved readability.


Applicable settings

Playing track colour

Paused track colour

Enable/Disable entirely


Bulk Edit sounds within a playlist

Change the volume, repeat and fade of all tracks within a playlist. Save your defaults to quickly apply those same settings to other playlists.


Applicable settings

Default Volume

Default Repeat

Default Fade




Most likely incompatible with "Playlist Drag and Drop" as the drop functions may conflict. Remains untested.


Known Issues

If you have any issues, please feel free to raise them here on Github.



1.1.2: Firefox bug fix and drag & drop recode



- Fixed a bug on Firefox where dragging & dropping playlists would throw an error incorrectly.
- Rebuilt drag & drop code from the ground up to improve reliability, reduce checks/error reporting needed


v1.1.0: Bulk editing of sounds




- Added MVP for bulk editing of sounds via right-clicking on a playlist

- Added associated settings for "Default" bulk edit states, these can be edited via the Bulk Edit dialog window or the module settings.

- Improved debug for moving songs between playlists to detect folder actions.

- Improved paused/playing track state detection

- Improved reliability of curation

- Updated README

- Added artwork

- module.json improvements to add issue tracking, changelog and more detail


v1.0.5: Settings & Playlist status coloring



Fixed an issue where curating mutiple sounds at once may cause some to not play afterwards.

Improved functionality around adding songs to playlist. Affects and improves all areas of the module.

Fixed compatibility with Maestro module button placement.


Added module settings for:

- Enable/Disable copying of modules between playlists. Disabling will delete the original and "move" the track.

- Enable/Disable playlist status coloring and icons

- Set playlist status colors for "Playing" and "Paused" sounds


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2 years ago

A very useful mod for playlists!

Calego (Elf Friend)
2 years ago

I absolutely love how this makes it easy to organize tracks from all of the amazing content creators putting playlist modules out.

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