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Monk's Little Details

A bunch of quality of life improvements to make your games run smoother.

Token HUD alterations

Active icon highlighting

When something is invisible, targeted, in combat, or has the statuses open, I've added orange highlighting to the graphic.  Makes it a little easier to see what's highlighted than just the outside border changing.

Altered Status Effects

I can never remember what the icons stand for.  I've added the names beside the icon and sorted the statuses alphabetically to make it easier to find what you're looking for.  Also added a clear all button to remove all statuses quickly.  Highlighted the active statuses in orange to make it more visible, and added a handful of statuses that are frequently used in a 5e game.

Swapped Token HUD Buttons

Personally, I like the setting button at the bottom, under the target button.  But that could just be me.

Changed the invisible image

Changed the invisible icon to something that more closely resembles a 5e graphic.

Core Css Changes

The images displayed in the FilePicker and Compendium crops the image if it's not square.  Changing the object-fit from cover to contains.


Also changed the Scene Compendium to more closely match what's in te Scene tools

Dominant Scene Colours

Added the top 5 dominant colours in a scene, so that you can set the background to a shade of colour that more closely matches the image used.

GM Move Characters

Select characters, move to a different part of the map, hold down the M key and click, will teleport all the tokens to the new location.  Makes life easier if you have multiple areas on your map and want to move all the tokens there without them seeing everything in between.

Swap tools by holding down a key

New to 1.0.17 Monks Little Details will let you briefly activate another tool by holding down a key.  Pressing Shift+key will change the tool.  This allows you to switch briefly to other layers such as the Tiles layer to update a tile to visible before releasing the key and switching back to whatever layer you were on before.


Where have my other features gone?

Monk's Little details used to do a lot of things and it got a bit out of control with the features that were added.

The module shas been split into multiple additional modules that are each responsible for a distinct feature originally provided by Little Details.

Actor Sounds

Actor sounds have moved to Monk's Sound Enhancements.


Bloodsplats have been moved to their own module, Monk's Bloodsplats

Chat Timer

Chat Timer has moved to its own modules, Monk's Chat Timer

Combat Tracker

The combat image displayed when a token has its turn has moved to Monk's Combat Marker.

Combat Details

Any of the features that revolved around automating combat has been moved to Monk's Combat Details

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2 years ago

I had some overlap with this module and Brunhine’s turn marker module, I was going to ask them about it but it doesn’t seem like they’re active anymore. any chance you could incorporate more of that modules features into here? then I wouldn’t need both. specifically the start marker so players know exactly where they started moving from.

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