Maru's (Better) Combat Themes

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This module Creates an entirely separate synced combat theme system that supports setting playlists for different combat events, and syncs playing sounds for all players. This allows the GM to set a consistent audio theme and control the experience.
FoundyVTT's combat theme system is kinda cool as an idea (especially for more fighting-tournament themed campaigns/adventures) but pretty impractical to actually use. It has no way to customize what sounds play or add new sounds other than going and messing in the core filesystem, and the theme choice isn't even synced to all players. I found this very frustrating and limiting, so what started as a module to add some explicit new themes turned into this.


I made this for my Fists of The Ruby Phoenix campaign, so for me this system has allowed me to make a fun little synced combat announcer experience using fighting game references for my players to enjoy.


To configure which sounds play or change your theme, select it from the dropdown menu in `Settings -> Maru's Combat Themes`. You can also find settings for whether to use the extra sound effect hooks there as well.
settings screen


This module should be compatible with any other module that adds to the list of combat themes. eg. Toon32's theme pack

Using Custom Playlists

I recommend setting up a playlist for each sound-cue. 
  • go to Settings -> Maru's Combat Themes
  • set the theme to "custom"
  • assign playlists for each audio queue

Example playlist config

Example playlists

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