Dramatic Rolls

Latest version2.2.1
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core9.249
Last updated1 year ago
Created3 years ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
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Dramatic Rolls

A simple module for FoundryVtt that addes a little excitement to natural 20s and natural 1s. Adds sounds effects when either a 20 or 1 is rolled. Shoots confetti when  there is a critical.


natural 20 roll


Usage Instructions

By default this module comes with a sets of sounds that will be triggered on either natural 20s or 1s. These sounds can be configured via the "Configure Settings" menu. Custom sounds can also be added, but the file must be located under the `FoundryVtt/Data` directory. To add sounds go to "Configure Settings -> Module Settings" and open the Dramatic Rolls "Configure Sounds" menu. 


  • Compatible with the Dice So Nice! ( module. Holds the additional effects until the rolling animation is completed.
    • Note: Dice So Nice now has native support for special effects on specific die rolls, please check that out as it captures the intention of this repo. They can still be used together though for a wider array of effects!




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3 years ago

Hey hey! Loving Dramatic Rolls module for FoundryVTT. But I would LOVE to add some of my own sounds. Is that possible? I notice that the CRIT and FUMBLE folders only have .mp3 files, but when I attempt to add my own .mp3s in there, well, I guess I cannot confirm that they’ll get played… although I am rolling over and over and over and over again as the most inefficient way to test if my sounds work. LOL

3 years ago

Hello GModu! Thanks for the support!

I apologize for the delay. I am not in the habit of checking FoundryVtt-Hub, but I just wanted to let you know that this functionality has now been added to the newly released 1.1.0 version. Please try it out and if you have any question / comments / concerns feel free to fill out an issue here:

FYI – If you want to test your new sounds, this roll command may come in handy – “/r 1d20x<20kh". Or if you are comfortable modifying code, there is a debug flag in the "constants.js" file which you can turn to true and every roll with trigger an event.

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