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Dragon Flagon Manual Rolls

Allows you to manually enter the individual dice results when making any kind of roll. This can be great for both testing your game (where you want to roll a specific number) or if you want to use real dice! and let Foundry figure out the math.

Given the limitations of Foundry around Rolling (namely that rolls are not Asynchronous) it is difficult to really do any kind of overhaul of the roll system. But I’ve found a way using good ol’ fashioned prompts!

Flavour Text - DnD 5e Only

For the DnD 5e system you will be able to get flavour text in the prompts that describe the purpose of the roll. This feature is incompatible with other systems which will just show the regular generic prompt. Flavour text will also not be reliable with any major rolling overhauler module like BetterRolls and Midi QoL as these change how the core rolls are reported. Support for other systems will depend on demand

Manual Rolls Demo

Manual Roll Flagging in Chat

Manual rolls can be flagged to show not only which chat card has manual rolls in it, but specifically which dice were manually rolled, and which were randomly generated by FoundryVTT. This works for BetterRolls as well.

  • MR: Manual Roll
  • RN: Random Number

These indicators will be in the same order as the dice rolls. So in the BetterRolls example below, the 2 is a Manual Roll(MR) and the 6 is a Random Number (RN).

Core FoundryVTT BetterRolls
Core FoundryVTT Labels BetterRolls Labels


❌ It will NOT work inside the Foundry Desktop App. The module will only work inside a Browser.

Unfortunately, Electron (what the Foundry app is built on) does not support all web standards 🤦‍♂️ In this case they have not implemented the prompt dialog (even though they have the alert and confirm dialogs implemented 🤷‍♂️). So as long as you are playing in any regular browser (Brave, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) the module will work fine.

Potential Conflicts

There is always a potential conflict with any other module that modifies rolls. As of right now, the following popular modules have been tested and do not appear to have any issues. But if any do, please let me know via Discord or log an issue on GitHub.

Tested Dice Modules (✅ Works, ❌ Conflicts, ⭕ Partial)

  • ✅ Better Rolls
  • ❌ Midi Quality of Life Improvements (see notes below)
  • ✅ Dice So Nice!
  • ✅ Dice Tray
  • ✅ Let Me Roll That For You
  • ⭕ Quick Rolls DnD5e (see notes below)

Midi Quality of Life Improvements

Some of the features that this modules provides makes several additional rolls in the background that cannot be filtered out. Unfortunately this module conflict cannot be resolved at this time.

Quick Rolls (DnD5e)

For DnD5e worlds, the prompt flavour text feature conflict with Quick Rolls' "re-roll" feature in the chat cards. To prevent this conflict, disable the "DnD5e: Add flavour text to prompts" feature in DF Manual Rolls' module settings.

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4 months ago

I”m really grateful you are working on this project. My friends and I roll real dice and trust eachother enough but it would be ideal to just enter our results into Foundry.

I love VTT gameplay but I feel like the actual, physical dice are an important element of chaos.

3 months ago
Reply to  leonleroy

I’m happy you’ve enjoyed this!

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