Danger Zone

Latest version0.9.2
Minimum Core0.8.6
Compatible Core0.8.9
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Created3 months ago
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Bring danger, personality and life to your scenes. Danger Zone provides GMs the ability to easily invoke localized effects within a scene, such as:

  • A storm where the danger of being struck by lightning is a deadly possibility.
  • A crumbling building where the collapsing ceiling can injure or trap occupants.
  • A twisted field of magic with portals that blink in and out of existance.
  • A blessed glade offering healing to those who walk through.

Danger Zone


What's in the module

  • Effectively turns your scene into an actor, adding defined zones to the scene within which the effects the you define generate.
  • Adds effect trigger buttons to the scene's navbar for quick execution.
  • Allows for the association of zone effects to game events, such as combat turn change, so that effect can be triggered automatically.
  • Adds workflow functionality that completes each effect in sequence.
  • Adds a token targeting component, which gives you the ability to add active effects or generate macro code on tokens targetted by a zone effect.
  • Handles the complex targetting of a 3D effect within the zone's width, height and depth dimensions, for square and hex grids.
  • Provides easy to use forms for defining zones, triggers and effects, including visual and audio components, macros, tiles, and chat messaging.
  • Functionality can be expanded through other Foundry modules - see the Module Integration section below.


What's not in the module

  • Does not include any video, image or audio components.
  • When another module can do something well, such as summoning a token (Warp Gate), shaking the screen canvas (Kandashi's Fluid Canvas), or teleporting tokens (Monk's Active Tiles) then Danger Zone will integrate with that module to provide those effects rather than include them in the module itself.


Getting Started

1. Create a Danger

The danger is the lava bubble  that erupts from the lava field. It defines an effect that executes within a zone.


2. Add Zone to Scene

The zone is the lava field. From within the zone's boundary the dangers are generated. 


3. Trigger Zone

The trigger causes the lava bubble to erupt from the lava field. A trigger can be invoked either manually or as part of a Foundary event.


Module Integration

Danger Zone integrates with a series of other Foundary modules in order to provide enhanced effects and token targetting. Module Integration is detailed in full on the linked github page.


Additional Documentation

For additional documentation, see the linked github page below and the available Wiki at

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