Cypher System Combat Tracker

Latest version1.2.1
Minimum Core10
Compatible Core9
Last updated1 year ago
Created2 years ago
Languages English
Systems Cyphersystem
Dependencies Cypher System
Project source Project URL

This Foundry VTT module replaces the default combat tracker with one made specifically for the Cypher System.

How It Works

PC Combatants

PC combatants have a green background in the Combat Tracker.  You have access to all three pools (Might, Speed, Intellect) plus two extra buttons to apply the Impaired and Debilitated conditions in the Damage Track. The pool inputs accept + and - signs to add or subtract points.

Other Combatants

All other combatants are color-coded per their token disposition: Friendly (blue), Neutral (yellow), and Hostile (red):

NPCs color-coded

And each actor type has specific inputs:

Actor types

Core Foundry Functionalities

This module maintains all core Foundry's combat functionalities with a couple of small changes:

  • To pan to the combatant's token, you have to click on the combatant image.
  • To open the combatant's sheet, you have to double-click also on the combatant image.


The following Foundry VTT game system must be installed: Cypher System for Foundry VTT, created by mrkwnzl.


MIT License - Copyright (c) 2022 gonzaPaEst

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  • This module was inspired by the Dungeon World game system, created by Asacolips, and it uses a very small portion of its code (available under an MIT License).
  • Thanks to mrkwnzl for beta testing the module, refining it, and making the necessary changes to make it compatible with the Cypher System and core Foundry.
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