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Latest version2.3.0
Minimum Core10
Compatible Core9
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Last updated1 year ago
Created3 years ago
Languages English
Português (Brasil)
Systems All systems
Dependencies Library: DF Hotkeys
lib - ColorSettings
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v10 UPDATE: Release 2.3 brings Custom Hotbar into v10 compatibility. This version is foundry v10 compatible only. Please use release 2.2 for v9. There is also a known issue where the shift-number keybindings are not functioning for the custom hotbar, but the normal number keys still work for the regular hotbar.


Adds an extra, fully functional and customizable macro hotbar above the core Foundry macro hotbar (currently limited to one row of macros on one extra hotbar).

Blue Custom Hotbar above core Foundry Hotbar

The Custom Hotbar now matches the core Foundry hotbar styling by default, but it can now be repositioned and recolored as needed, and the same control is also granted over the core Foundry hotbar:

Custom Hotbar settings


All macro hotbar keybinds for both the core Foundry hotbar and the Custom hotbar are now completely customizable, and new keybindings also available: Shift-Number to run a macro on the custom hotbar, and Ctrl-Shift-1 through 5 to change the core Foundry Hotbar page.


Additionally, players (or GMs I guess!) can disable either hotbar entirely if they don't want it for themselves.


Module and system compatibility is a primary goal of Custom Hotbar. If Custom Hotbar isn't compatible with a module or system that you think it should be, please let me know as a GitHub issue or ping me on Discord (Norc#5108).



  • Manifest: Use this manifest link to install the module (
  • Zip file: or manually deploy the zip file from the Dist folder.


  • Adds easy access to 10 additional macros in a separate visual grouping
  • Provides advamced color, position, and display control over both the existing core hotbar and new custom hotbars
  • Fully system agnostic
    • Tested with 5E, PF2E, and WFRP
    • Requests for features that would help support specfic systems are welcomed
  • Comprehensive (fully customizable!) Macro Hotbar Keybindings for both core Foundry macro hotbar and Custom Hotbar 
  • Broad compatibility:
    • Closely mimics built-in methods to allow modules like Midi QoL and Better Rolls to use the Custom Hotbar without specific support
    • Does not interfere with the operation of the original core Foundry macro hotbar


See the changelog.


Next releases (minor cleanup):

Ongoing bug/stability/module compat cleanup for 0.8.x as needed.


Next major version:

Add ability to create multiple Custom Hotbars, not just one


Potential Future Features (Undecided)

Add option to popout hotbars for positioning by dragging and dropping

Add pages 2-4 or more for each Custom Hotbar.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Ardistristan for his excellent Lib - Color Settings Module and extraordinary support as I implemented it! Thanks to DF (flamewave000) for the Library: DF Hotkeys library. Both of these libraries do a better job than I ever could.


Further thanks to Stan of Token Hotbar fame for everything he's done and to the awesome Foundry modding community as a whole.

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2 years ago

An amazing module that gives me the “macro real estate” I need. My players also love it!

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