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Group combatants in the Combat Tracker and roll for group initiative.


After creating a new combat, the combatants in the Combat Tracker will be instantly grouped and put into toggles. The toggles will open when they contain the current combatant unless this is disabled in settings.

Rolling Group Initiative

This module also allows for an easy way to roll group initiative. If you hold the Control or Shift key while rolling the initiative of any of the combatants from the tracker, it will automatically give all of the combatants in the same group the initiative value rolled. If you use the "Roll All" button, all groups will be rolled for. If you use the "Roll NPCs" button, all groups with only NPCs will be rolled for.

Please note that this doesn't work in "None" mode and you must roll from the tracker for this to work.

Group Skipping

The Group Skipping feature skips over the rest of combatants in the current group when advancing the turn tracker. It's recommended to use this with Combatant Sorting enabled.

Combatant Sorting

When enabled, CTG attempts to sort combatants by their group which is the optimal order for group skipping. It compares numbers numerically (e.g. in Initiative mode), strings alphabetically (e.g. in Name mode), and the rest by ID (e.g. in Selection mode).

Grouping modes

The way that the groups are created depends on the selected mode which you can change near the top of the Combat Tracker by clicking on one of the boxes.

You can create or remove grouping modes in module settings, configuring them as you wish. For example, if you want to create a mode named "NPC" which groups based on the Combatant's isNPC property, you would insert this in the config:

Custom NPC mode

There are also a some modes provided by default:


This doesn't apply any groupings.


Hidden for the Simultaneous Combat System

This is the default mode. Combatants are grouped by their initiative value.


Combatants are alphabetically grouped by their name.


Combatants are grouped by a custom selection. You can decide this by using the tool in the Token Scene controls toolbar:


Once toggled on, whenever you select any tokens in the scene, they'll be added to the same group. It's recommended to toggle this control off after you are satisfied with the groups you've created.


Combatants are grouped by the players that have Owner permission for the associated Actor. If multiple players have ownership over an Actor, the associated combatant(s) will be grouped together with any other combatant which the same exact players have ownership over.


Group combatants by their associated Actor which allows you to group together Combatants which are from the same Actor, but have different names (such as when using Token Mold).


Requires Mob Attack Tool)

This mode is only shown when Group combatants by MAT's saved mobs.


Requires Lancer Initiative

Group combatants by their Lancer Initiative activations value.

Module integration

Simultaneous Combat System

The "Initiative" mode is hidden when the Simultaneous Combat System module is enabled.

Mob Attack Tool

When enabled, a new "Mob" mode is added allowing you to group combatants by their MAT mob.

There is also a button beside each group allowing you to save it as a MAT mob.

Combat Utility Belt

When the "Hide Actor Names" functionality of CUB is enabled, the group names reflect the replacement names.

Lancer Initiative

When enabled, there is a mode which allows you to group combatants by their Lancer Initiative activations value.

When Lancer Initiative's initiative rolling button setting is enabled, you can use it's small d20 icon to roll group initiative as normal.

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