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This is a simple module that relies on the Chat Commands module as a dependency. It adds a /calc command to chat, to allow players and GMs to calculate the total roll for multiple chat cards... Useful for when your level 11 munchkin rolls 3 sharpshooter attacks with hunter's mark and an undead damage rider. 

Recommend to use with Better Rolls for 5e module for dice rolling. I've tested it with vanilla rolls and Beyond20, but the data structure of those are not as detailed so hard to differentiate damage vs non damage rolls. 

Usage: /calc N - Calculates last N rolls. /calc Ns - Calculates all rolls within last N seconds.

It defaults to the user's attached Actor, so make sure player's have an attached actor and if you're a GM, have a token selected. It also defaults to only primary damage rolls and ignores other damage formulas.

There are additional keywords: all - adds all damage rolls to calculation. So if your weapon does 1d10 Slashing and has a 1d6 other formula, it will include both rolls. any - adds rolls from any source. Mostly useful for GM so you don't have to select a token first. AC:N - Checks the rolls against an AC number and excludes it if it doesn't match. -N/+N - Adds or subracts a number from the total.


/calc 3 all - Will calculate all damage rolls in last 3 cards from actor.

/calc 30s any - Will calculate rolls from any actor or roll in the last 30 seconds.

/calc 2 AC:14 - Calculates your last two attack rolls that were equal to or greater than 14.

/calc 4 -5 - Calculates last 4 rolls and then subtracts 5.


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