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Battlezoo Jewel of the Indigo Isles for PF2e | Roll For Combat

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Set Sail For Adventure!

Battlezoo Jewel of the Indigo Isles

Prepare to set sail for the Indigo Isles! Mysteries abound in the pirate town of Rumplank, but none is as well known as the legend of Poppy von Barnacle's lost treasure. Includes three standalone adventures combined into a single volume — Jewel of the Indigo Isles!

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Jewel of the Indigo Isles is an epic three-part adventure for Pathfinder 2nd Edition packed into one massive volume. Inside, you’ll find a colorful cast of pirates, scoundrels, queens, and heroes, all with hundreds of gorgeous full-color illustrations. The adventure begins with the heroes hunting for an ancient pirate treasure map belonging to the city’s legendary founder. Poppy van Barnacle. The hunt for the map leads through numerous twists and turns and culminates in an action-packed finale with bigger battles, higher stakes, and the fate of the entire Indigo Isles at stake!

As for the setting itself, the titular setting for Jewel of the Indigo Isles is a small island chain that can be inserted into just about any fantasy setting, though it also has hints of its own setting. Rather than being filled with familiar ancestries like humans, elves, and dwarves, the Indigo Isles are home to brand-new, never-before-seen ancestries and races. Players will find parrot-like g’mayun who love to party, while the porcine orpok work hard, play hard, and have a vibrant food culture, while the warrior- hardriggan will give any Klingon-loving fans an exciting race to play! All in all, there are seven new ancestries and heritages that make up the majority of the inhabitants of the Isles... and that’s not taking into account the brand-new wild dragons who live side by side with other ancestries!

To help bring the setting to life, Jewel of the Indigo Isles includes two lengthy gazetteers detailing the major settlements in the Isles. The first is Rumplank, a raucous, festive, rough, and tumble city that has come to be the largest and most influential in the Indigo Isles and is where the story begins. The second is Seaview, a city populated mostly by orpok with a thriving food scene, which plays an important role in the second adventure. Both Rumplank and Seaview come to life in the words of their inhabitants, complete with details, plot hooks, maps, and a host of assorted characters to use in-game and can easily be ported into any other home game.

The adventure includes:

  • An epic adventure for Pathfinder 2nd Edition taking characters from level 1 to 11.
  • Written by three of the most-published adventure authors in history.
  • Set in an island chain with several brand new ancestries and heritages to explore
  • Six new backgrounds for players to select to tie them into the adventure, each with its distinctive complications and fates.
  • Two lengthy gazetteers with maps, artwork, and lore on major settlements found in the Isles.
  • Hundreds of tokens, new monsters, new magic items, and new player options.
  • Every monster is either unique for the adventure or from the Battlezoo Bestiary.
  • Full optional support for crafting items using the Monster Parts System.

Installation and Activation

Purchasing this product from the Battlezoo store will grant you an activation code which can be used through your Foundry VTT account page to activate the content for installation.

After installing the module, it must be activated within a Game World. To do so:

  • Access the Settings Sidebar tab.
  • Click "Manage Modules".
  • Locate the "Battlezoo Jewel of the Indigo Isles Adventures" Module, enable it, and save module settings.
  • Reload your game to allow the module to load.
  • Access the Compendium Packs tab.
  • Locate the "Battlezoo Jewel of the Indigo Isles Adventures" compendium under the "Adventurers" section and double-click on the compendium.
  • Install the adventure you wish to play, starting with "Part 1: Search for the Missing Map".



This module is to be used with the Pathfinder Second Edition system.

Published by Roll For Combat.

Purchase at the Battlezoo Online Shop.





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