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A small module for Foundry and Dnd5e which uses dnd5e system Hooks to add the correct config options for Rolls, trying to automate the most common Dnd5e Conditions.

Rolling with Core, will indicate the correct button to press, on Attack Rolls, Damage Rolls, Saving Throws, Ability Checks, Skill Checks and Death Saves, according to the 5e ruleset.

Fast Forwarding the rolls (holding SHIFT) will roll with advantage/disadvantage or when needed critical damage correctly.

Usage: Create an Active Effect with one of the following labels, or use the default effects.

  • Blinded: <Disadvantage on attacks and grants Advantage to attacks from others>
  • Exhaustion 1: <Disadvantage on ability checks (and skill checks as a result)>
  • Exhaustion 2: <same as above>
  • Exhaustion 3: <++ Disadvantage on attacks and saving throws>
  • Exhaustion 4: <same as above>
  • Exhaustion 5: <same as above>
  • Frightened: <Disadvantage on ability checks and attack rolls>
  • Invisible: <Advantage on attacks and grants Disadvantage to attacks by others>
  • Paralyzed (or Paralysed): <Auto fail (-99) strength/dexterity saves and attacker within 5ft of the creature deals critical damage>
  • Petrified: <Grants Advantage on attacks by others, auto fail strength/dexterity saves>
  • Poisoned: <Disadvantage on attacks and ability checks>
  • Prone: <Disadvantage on attacks, grants advantage on attacks by others if within 5ft, otherwise grants disdvantage>
  • Restrained: <Disadvantage on attacks and dexterity saves, grants advantage on attacks by others>
  • Stunned: <Auto fail strength/dexterity saves, grants advantage on attacks by others>
  • Unconscious: <Auto fails strength/dexterity saves, grants advantage on attacks by others, crit if hit within 5ft ++ Prone>


** Early stage of development so reach out either here by creating an Issue or in Foundry's discord (thatlonelybugbear#4393).

Special thanks to Zhell for parts of code used, from his awesome Babonus module.

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