Ambient Doors

Latest version2.3.3
Minimum Core10
Compatible Core10
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Created3 years ago
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Adds easily customized sounds effects that trigger for all user when interacting with doors. Opening up a doors configeration window, and you'll be able to enter in the sound file pathways that you wish to play when that door; is opened, is closed, is locked, is unlocked, or if a player attempts to open a closed door. If you do not wish for any sound effect to play when an certain action is taken, just leave that spesific field blank, or change the volume level to zero. You can change what default sounds and volume level that play, and are set for all doors by going to the "Module Settings" tab within your "Configure Game Settings".

The jingle sound that plays when attemting to interact with a locked door will now play for all users instead of just the person interacting with the door.

Silently Open doors by Alt + Click the door icons. By default users with the role of at leaste "Truster" can acsess this feature. The required rank can be changed in the "Module Settings" tab within your "Configure Game Settings".


Some default sounds have been provided.

If you have any great door sound effects that you think other might enjoy feel free to suggest them to me via gitHub.


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Aurel Tristen
2 years ago

This is a great module to help ‘sell’ the fact that doors are opening, closing or locked. I like to swap the sounds to indicate other kinds of doors (like a sliding stone door). And now that everyone will hear the ‘locked door jiggle,’ they can tell when something is trying to get in!

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