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The Forge Demo and Tutorial

Created 19 Dec 2021

Updated 20 Apr 2022

Authors Kevin, The Forge

Discover all the great features of Foundry VTT, and what the software is capable of. Explore a scripted environment where you have fun while learning how the software works. This demo is an evolving world- we'll add more and more to it as time goes on. Have suggestions for the world? Tweet them @ForgeVTT, or reach out on our Discord: If you do not have Game Manager, you can login to a player account via the access key "forge".


Created 11 Apr 2022

Updated 11 Apr 2022

Author Ellyjah

El sistema de Liminal creado mediante Sandbox por Ellyjah.
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Size Does Matter

Created 15 Mar 2021

Updated 04 Apr 2022

Author MonkeyDM

Meet the Smallest of Friends and Biggest of Foes !

Trophy Dark SRD [Spanish]

Created 26 Mar 2022

Updated 26 Mar 2022

Author Regik

Trophy Dark El sistema de Trophy Dark mediante Sandbox creado por Regik. Uso Cada ficha nueva que vayas a crear, …

Syndei & the Vault of Frozen Memories

Created 11 Jun 2021

Updated 19 Mar 2022

Author Crosshead Studios

For years now it's been the same old routine for the inhabitants of Flim: Every Friday they find themselves under …

Le Trésor du Bigat

Created 19 Feb 2022

Updated 19 Feb 2022


Le Trésor du Bigat   Voici l'adaptation FoundryVTT du scénario "Le Trésor du Bigat" issu du Kit de découverte de …

The Secret of the Porvenir

Created 28 Oct 2020

Updated 14 Feb 2022

Authors Limithron, Stillfleet, It's a DnD Monster Now, Loot Tavern, Tavern of Trinkets, Stryxin, Music d20, Michaël Ghelfi

The Secret of the Porvenir is a spooktacular game-ready adventure for 5th Edition. The Porvenir - missing for weeks, feared …

The Sky Isles

Created 03 Nov 2021

Updated 26 Jan 2022

Authors World Smiths, Christian Zeuch, Victor Amorim, Rodolfo Salgueiro

Amazing Encounters & Places: The Sky Isles System: D&D 5e Starting Level: Any Length: Short multi-session (10-12 hours) Language: English …
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Ghoul Island Saga (Acts 1-4)

Created 28 Sep 2021

Updated 22 Jan 2022

Authors Sandy Petersen, Matt Corley, Matt Corley, Jonah Bomgaars, Arthur Petersen, Christine Graham, Eytan Bernstein and Erik Scott de Bie, Kent Hamilton, Steven Zapata, Carl Springer, J.J. Ariosa, Jonah Bomgaars, Graey Erb, Tony Mastrangeli, George Botelho, Christy Crace, Pierre “Pit” Lanrezac, Bob Geis, Rachel Wolfe, Michael Branch, Josh Haney, Chris Hession, Clayton Thomson and Scott Kury

Ghoul Island for 5e introduces the Cthulhu Mythos to your heroic fantasy campaign as only the mind that created the horror RPG genre can!  Ghoul Island is a full campaign, taking your adventurers from level 1 to level 15.  

L5R5E - The Highwayman

Created 17 Jan 2022

Updated 17 Jan 2022

Authors Vlyan, Mandar, Carter

This is the adaptation of the 2019 Legend of the Five Rings 5th Edition GEN CON official Adventure The Highwayman …

Reve de Dragon - La Fontaine d'Ortigrise

Created 11 Mar 2021

Updated 13 Jan 2022


Ce monde est la version prête à jouer du scénario officiel "Fontaine d'Ortigrise", avec quelques conseils pour le MJ, ainsi …

L5R5E - Cresting Waves

Created 17 Nov 2021

Updated 17 Nov 2021

Authors Vlyan, Mandar, Carter

- Cresting Waves, supplemental encounters for Sins of Regret adventure in english and french for Legend of the Five Rings 5th Edition. Follow …