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Foundry Meters, Grams & Liters

Created 19 Nov 2020

Updated 31 Aug 2021

Author HadaIonut

Foundry Metrics, Grams and LitersFoundry-mgl is intended to be the ultimate tool for playing dnd5e in the metric system.The core …
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Atropos' Patreon Battlemaps Pack

Created 02 Dec 2020

Updated 30 Jul 2021


This module provides a variety of battlemaps designed specifically for Foundry Virtual Tabletop and the Foundry Patreon community. These maps are pre-configured with walls, light sources, and sound effects.
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Created 04 Dec 2020

Updated 04 Dec 2020

Authors Grape_Juice, Galaxy Compass

A collaboration from the stars💫.An ever expanding Isometric map pack by Galaxy Compasswith embeded Isometric Module Viewer by 🍇Grape_Juice🍇 for complete Isometric Experience.For any issues or bugs please visit gitlab and don't forget to chat with us on discord at Grape_Juice Discord, Galaxy Compass Discord

Dragonfire Maps

Created 08 Dec 2020

Updated 25 Jun 2021


About Map content module from Dragonfire Creations on Patreon. These maps come with walls, lights, variants and more! If you …
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Dragonfire Premium Maps

Created 09 Dec 2020

Updated 04 Feb 2021

Author inSquared

This module provides you with maps created by Dragonfire Creations, from patreon.

Arcane Marks & Careers

Created 11 Dec 2020

Updated 25 Aug 2021

Author Moo Man

The Arcane Marks & Careers homebrew supplement adds Lore specific careers and marks for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition Included …

Hardboiled: Compendio en español

Created 14 Dec 2020

Updated 14 Dec 2020

Author sharcashmo

This module is a spanish compendium for Hardboiled system. It includes skills (Habilidades) and talents (Dotes) Software is released under …

Caeora's Maps, Tokens, and Assets

Created 23 Dec 2020

Updated 20 Mar 2021

Authors Caeora, Voldemalort

This module features a fantastic library of maps, tokens, and props created by Caeora. You will find mysterious and evocative …
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Bloody Blueprints and Macabre Maps

Created 05 Jan 2021

Updated 07 Jan 2021

Author Deepdark Designs

Bloody Blueprints & Macabre Maps by DeepDark Designs is a collection of eight spooky and sinister maps that are absolutely perfect …

Flirtatious Foundry

Created 06 Jan 2021

Updated 18 Jan 2021

Author Flirtatious Mule

Now with a renewed focus on maps, and utilizing Foundry to it's best potential.  This map pack contains some specific …

PF2E Playtest Data

Created 08 Jan 2021

Updated 22 Sep 2021

Author Tim Munsie

This package contains the playtest classes released by Paizo for Pathfinder 2nd Edition. It contains: - Dark Archive Playtest (Psychic …

Pathfinder 1e Content

Created 29 Jan 2021

Updated 15 Aug 2021

Authors Michael Bailey, with major contributions

Included Content 4,200 magic items Including ammo, rods, weapons, armor, artifacts, cursed items, staffs, and wondrous items ~2,000 non-magic items …