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Elven Tower - Faith for Fools

Latest version1.0.5
Minimum Core0.8.6
Compatible Core9
Last updated6 months ago
Created1 year ago
Systems Dnd5e
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Faith for Fools

In Faith for Fools, a group of level-4 adventurers visits the locally popular Church of the Seven Blossoms, a sub-sect of the great religion of the Sun God. The person in charge, Mother Superior Elvira, is famous for her determination to increase the influence and power of her sisterhood. However, something has gone terribly wrong at the church and it is all the fault of the Mother Superior. She dabbled in ancient secrets and forbidden books and got herself and the sisterhood tangled in a regrettable tragedy.

The adventurers come in time to clean this mess and save many people from a terrible fate. However, much of the damage has already been done; the future of the Church of the Seven Blossoms is grim...


Elven Tower Cartography features full-colored, hand-drawn, digital maps, and professionally produced adventures for DND5e.


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Elven Tower Cartography features full-colored, hand-drawn, digital maps. Benefit from Foundry VTT’s great wall delimitation and illumination to make the best of your campaign.

Check out Elven Tower on Patreon. Get access to more than 700 maps, adventures, and our ever-growing Foundry VTT content. Join the Denizens of the Elven Tower!

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