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Roll Tracker

Created 03 Mar 2022

Updated 11 Mar 2024

Author drexl93

A small module that tracks all d20 rolls you make and converts them to easy-to-parse statistics for viewing. Created for …

Alignment Tracker

Created 24 May 2024

Updated 01 Jun 2024

Author DragonGM

Alignment Tracker This tool was written to cover a need I had, while running a roleplaying game with my players. …

Simple d20 stats

Created 30 Mar 2024

Updated 15 Jul 2024

Author Yosoy-Ed

simple-d20-stats A foundryvtt module that shows d20 statitiscs in a bar chart allowing to choose a date range. I developed …

Imperium Maledictum - Combat Resolve

Created 26 Feb 2024

Updated 20 May 2024

Author Marcin Bratek

Imperium Maledictum - Combat Resolve FoundryVTT module for the Imperium Maledictum system which handles Resolve in combat and helps tracking …

Furukai's Simple Crafting

Created 02 Jan 2024

Updated 11 Jun 2024

Author Furukai

Furukai's Simple Crafting is a system independent module that provides a simple way to create crafting recipes and to craft …

D&D 5e Custom Counters

Created 19 Sep 2023

Updated 05 Feb 2024

Author Larkinabout

This module has been replaced by the Custom D&D 5e module.

Change Log

Created 06 Jul 2023

Updated 08 May 2024

Author Larkinabout

Change Log A Foundry VTT module to log changes to the chat log. Features Log changes per property and actor …

How unfortunate are you? Dice Counting

Created 07 Mar 2023

Updated 07 Mar 2023


Tiny module. Counting D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D100 roll result, like times, mean. Discord : Behavior If …

Are You Focused?

Created 13 Nov 2022

Updated 27 Aug 2023

Author Asinphi

A module to show GMs which players have the Foundry window focused so they can gauge player engagement. When a …

User Latency

Created 27 Sep 2022

Updated 30 Jul 2023

Author hypnoCode

A very tiny module that displays players' latency next to their name. Very small Very simple Very useful    

Encounter Stats

Created 22 Aug 2022

Updated 18 Jun 2024

Author John Nolan

Encounter Statis Capture your Players attacks, damage, healing, dice rolls, custom events and more. Store the results into a Journal …

WTF: What the Flag?

Created 03 Aug 2022

Updated 04 Jun 2024

Author theripper93

Provides tooltips that indicate which module is adding which option. You can find the documentation on the WIKI Not much …