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Coriolis: Darkness Points Display

Created 11 Apr 2022

Updated 11 Apr 2022

Author Félix-Étienne Trépanier

Coriolis Darkness Point Display   This module adds a new button (for players and GMs) in the token menu options …

Sadness Chan

Created 13 Jul 2020

Updated 20 Nov 2020

Authors bmarian, HadaIonut

A chat 'bot' for FoundryVTT that's full of 'happy' and 'motivational' messages, to pick you up when your rolls let …

FPS Meter

Created 25 Jul 2020

Updated 29 Sep 2021

Author ardittristan

Shows a display at the top right with the current fps.

OSR Helper Module

Created 04 Apr 2022

Updated 12 Apr 2022

Author RabidOwlbear

An unimaginatively named module that aims to assist with light, time, and resource management. For use in games using the …

TrustIssues by Blitz

Created 30 Sep 2020

Updated 22 Nov 2020

Author Blitzkraig

Notifications for the paranoid GM if a player has their devtools open

Resource Dice

Created 23 Mar 2022

Updated 23 Mar 2022

Author enso

Resource Dice adds six resource dice fields to the inventory tab. The "Misc" resource can be renamed. Each resource can …

Roll Tracker

Created 03 Mar 2022

Updated 16 Mar 2022

Author drexl93

A small module that tracks all d20 rolls you make and converts them to easy-to-parse statistics for viewing. Created for …

FVTT Encounter Stats

Created 28 May 2021

Updated 03 Feb 2022

Author John Nolan

Individual Encounter This module is designed to capture your Players attacks Damage HP Round Damage Top stats Enemy data Healing …

Module Management+

Created 27 Jul 2021

Updated 20 Feb 2022

Author Mouse0270

v1.1.10 Fixed an issue with DAS 5th Edition, where the system disabled the default scrolling behavior on the Client Settings …

Response Times

Created 18 Jun 2020

Updated 17 Mar 2021

Author tenuki

Adds average Server http response time over a configurable period to the client's display under the 'Players' view in the …

Taragnor's GM Paranoia

Created 26 Jan 2022

Updated 26 Jan 2022

Author taragnor

A dice security module which routes all async dice rolls through the GM's machine (using socket communication) and then returns …

Map Coordinates

Created 03 Oct 2021

Updated 24 Nov 2021

Author Kandashi

# Map Coordinates Add coordinates to any square or hex map. Use the Measurement Controls menu with the Map icon …