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Kamigakari: God Hunter

Created 25 Jun 2020

Updated 09 Feb 2023

Author ltaeng

A tabletop RPG from Japan about secret societies, soul-eating monsters, gods of destruction, and the anime heroes that fight them! …

Secret Journal

Created 08 Oct 2020

Updated 22 Nov 2020

Author ltaeng

This module helps you to hide secrets in the journal.

Insane System

Created 01 Jul 2021

Updated 13 Dec 2022

Author ltaeng

Multi Genre Horror TRPG Insane. Supported for Korean, Japanese

Stella Knights of Silver Sword

Created 12 Jul 2021

Updated 30 Jan 2022

Author ltaeng

A new concept of RPG that begins with a free daily description of each session and ends up in a …

Shinobigami: God of the Ninja

Created 12 Oct 2021

Updated 03 Feb 2023

Author ltaeng

Shinobigami is an original Japanese tabletop role-playing game published originally by Adventure Planning Service Inc, written by Touichirou Kawashima, and …

Double Cross 3rd

Created 21 Jun 2022

Updated 27 Dec 2022

Author ltaeng

A Japanese-made Anime RPG Created by Shunsaku Yano and F.E.A.R!   Welcome to the world of Double Cross."Double Cross" is …

Magicalogia System

Created 06 Jan 2023

Updated 09 Jan 2023

Author ltaeng

It is an RPG that recovers forbidden books that cause magical disasters by becoming immortal wizards against the backdrop of …