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Potato Or Not

Created 03 Mar 2021

Updated 06 Jan 2022

Author Wasp

Is your computer a potato? Is your players' computers potatoes? Are they scared of navigating interfaces? Presenting, Potato Or Not! …

Token Ease

Created 07 Jul 2021

Updated 31 Oct 2022

Authors Wasp, Kerrec Snowmane

Token Ease This module extends native Foundry behavior to introduce easing, custom movement speed, and movement duration to tokens. No …


Created 31 Aug 2021

Updated 27 Jan 2023

Author Wasp

Tagger This module allows you to tag PlaceableObjects in the scene and retrieve them just as easy. All major PlaceableObjects' …

Item Piles

Created 05 Jan 2022

Updated 02 Feb 2023

Author Wasp

Item Piles What is Item Piles? Have you ever wished you could represent items in your scenes? A pile of …

Rest Recovery 5e

Created 14 Mar 2022

Updated 29 Jan 2023

Author Wasp

Rest Recovery for 5e This module is a wholesale package that covers any and all mechanics relating to long and …


Created 30 May 2021

Updated 30 Jan 2023

Author Wasp

Sequencer This is a powerful module that lets you play visual effects in your scenes, attaching them to tokens or …