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Darker Vision for 5e (deprecated)

Created 07 Jul 2020

Updated 22 Nov 2020

Author Voldemalort

Darker Vision for 5e - Foundry VTT Module   For 1.7.x+   This module has been deprecated as it no …

Token Factions

Created 23 Nov 2020

Updated 23 Dec 2020

Author Voldemalort

Artwork and assets kindly provided by and used with permission of Caeora. Faction Tokens   This module will allow …

Caeora's Maps, Tokens, and Assets

Created 23 Dec 2020

Updated 20 Mar 2021

Authors Caeora, Voldemalort

This module features a fantastic library of maps, tokens, and props created by Caeora. You will find mysterious and evocative …