Darker Vision for 5e (deprecated)

Latest version0.5.0
Minimum Core0.6.4
Compatible Core0.6.5
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Systems Dnd5e
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Darker Vision for 5e - Foundry VTT Module


For 1.7.x+


This module has been deprecated as it no longer works with the lighting changes in 0.7.x. I will be leaving the module active for those still on 0.6.x, but if you wish for a solution in 0.7.x, try Perfect Vision at


For 1.6.x


This module attempts to replicate dnd5e darkvision rules more accurately, leveraging the existing dim vision setting on tokens' vision tabs.


The default Foundry VTT behavior when dim vision is set does the following:


  • Renders darkness within the dim vision radius as dim light
  • Renders dim light within the dim vision radius as dim light
  • Renders bright light within the dim vision radius as bright light 


Darkvision rules as written for dnd5e actually increase each level of light below bright light by one step within the dim vision radius. The desired behavior is:


  • Renders darkness within the dim vision radius as dim light
  • Renders dim light  within the dim vision  radius as bright light
  • Renders bright light within the dim vision radius as bright light 


Experimental Grey-Scale Mode


An experimental grey-scale mode can now be accessed on a per-user basis in module settings. Enabling this setting will desaturate anything that a dim vision token would see in areas of darkness. This comes at a cost, however:


  • performance: this grey-scale effect is a filter that is running any time a token with dim vision is selected and may cause performance issues
  • image fidelity: this filter can reduce token, background, and tile image quality when it is in effect for some (maybe all) browsers
  • personal space: something about the filter reacts poorly when you zoom in too much, causing the screen to go black. dim vision tokens like their personal space. Just zoom back out to see your token and the scene again.


Known issues


  • Selecting multiple tokens simultaneously will render lighting inconsistently.
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