Found 3 packages

All Goblins Have Names

Created 22 Nov 2020

Updated 22 Mar 2022

Authors Tom Rodriguez, Cattegy

Use a table as the display name for a token, so each new token gets a random name. How to …

HarnMaster Gold

Created 25 Jun 2021

Updated 02 Aug 2021

Authors Timo Lemburg, Tom Rodriguez

This module modifies the HârnMaster 3 system for Foundry VTT to enable users to use the HârnMaster Gold rules.  This …

Ominstru Manor

Created 01 Nov 2021

Updated 07 Aug 2022

Author Tom Rodriguez

Ominstru is a remote struggling manor, saddled with debt and disrepair, plagued by bandits and secretly armed serfs, with a …