All Goblins Have Names

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Use a table as the display name for a token, so each new token gets a random name.

How to use it

First, grab your random name table and drag it into a Journal entry. That will give you some text that looks similar to "@RollTable[2cbm3cP46dxcxO5Z]{Goblin Name}" or "@Compendium[...". Now, open the Actor and click Prototype Token. Paste your "@RollTable[..." text into the Token Name. When you drag your Actor onto the map to create a new Token, its name will be randomized!


Random biographies with Better Rolltables

If you install the module Better Rolltables, you may also be able to generate random biographies depending on which system you're using. Create a Story Table, then place a reference to it as the first line of the biography. For example, you can use the "Random NPC" table that comes with the BetterTables mod: @Compendium[better-rolltables.brt-story.8vjHa6SoZibxeTke]{Random NPC}

This only works with the Simple Worldbuilding system, the D&D 5e system, or any other system that stores biographies in or Please reach out Cattegy#7436 on the Foundry VTT discord with the system you'd like support for and the data path to the biography within that system. Thanks!


firstname + lastname tables

When multiple lines are returned from a table, the lines will be joined together with a space. For example, you could have a roll table formula of 1d1,  and have two results which are also tables for a firstname and a lastname,  both with range 1-1.



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