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Dungeonslayers 4

Created 25 Jan 2021

Updated 04 Dec 2021

Authors Johannes Loher, Gesina Schwalbe, Oliver Rümpelein, Siegfried Krug, Max Tharr, Sascha Martens

An implementation of the Dungeonslayers 4 game system for Foundry Virtual Tabletop. This system provides sheet support for Actors and …

Risk Dice Modifier

Created 08 Feb 2021

Updated 04 Jun 2021

Author Johannes Loher

An implementation of risk rolls as found for example in the Splittermond game system. This module provides a new dice …

Darkness Dependent Vision

Created 30 Jun 2021

Updated 27 Oct 2021

Author Johannes Loher

A module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop that provides functionality to make the dim and bright vision of tokens depend on …

Foreground Drawings

Created 15 Oct 2021

Updated 07 Dec 2021

Author Johannes Loher

This module allows users to create drawings in the foreground while keeping the ability to also draw in the background. …

Autocomplete Inline Properties

Created 17 Feb 2021

Updated 07 Dec 2021

Authors Cole Schultz, Johannes Loher

This module adds an autocompletion and hint UI for sheet fields that can accept inline properties or other entity data …